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Tips To Become A Better Leader

Rarely is a good leader just born that way. A successful leader is someone who has persevered through the tough times and made good decisions in the right times. Everyone has their struggles, but the decisions you make are what make you into who you are.

Much work has been done to determine what a good leader is. After examining historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Raymond Cattell shared his research with the world. This personality psychologist figured out the very qualities that make up a good leader. Do these traits fit you, and if not, what can you do to change that?
- Enthusiasm
A person who is optimistic is likely to see things in a way that works for him or herself. What we see is what we get. In other words, the way people perceive the world shapes their reality. Those who are dealt a hard hand can make great things of it, depending on their attitude.
Being enthusiastic means seeing the best in people, and seeing the silver lining in hard situations. It also includes being energetic and alert. This means that you can take circumstances and turn them around to help you, just through positivity and quick responsiveness.
- Empathy
A good leader is able to understand the struggles of his clients and coworkers. He can feel what others are feeling, and thus be intuitive of the market. He can give great speeches because he knows how to strike the right chords with the audience.
This also means that he can be friendly and understanding and also trustworthy. When you can put yourself in another's place, you can help to fix their problems and fill the need, which is what business is all about.
- Self-Assurance
A person who is sure is able to act with boldness to get the job done. Instead of needing constant approval, this person goes forth to accomplish tasks proactively.
When you don't need the compliments of others, you are much more likely to do what is right for the group instead of doing what looks good. You stand up to peer pressure and people are drawn to you simply because of your confidence.
- Dominant
Good leaders stand out as leaders. They compete without a second thought because that is who they are. They are assertive, so they put their ideas on the table. Dominant people love to lead and don't mind taking control when no one else does.
This is very important in business. Have you ever been assigned to work with a group of people that do not like to lead? When no one volunteers to do so, things don't get done. That is why there is a CEO of every company. Someone needs to call the shots or you will stand around all day not wanting to step on people's toes.
A dominant person is the natural leader who comes forth, acting by example, delegating responsibility. He understands his limitations enough to allow others to accomplish the tasks they excel at.
- How To Improve Upon These Skills
If you are a leader of a company, stand out as one! Those qualities that you may be lacking in can be become strengths. Start with reading books about good leaders and about the traits you need to improve upon.
For example, if you are not very dominant in meetings, make sure to speak up more. Practice public speaking in front of someone you trust. Think of things you can add to a meeting beforehand to contribute when the time comes. Read or listen to tapes about it.
A good business needs a good leader. So take the lesson from those who have led armies and nations and work to become the kind of leader who can inspire greatness.

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