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Business management can be a complex process. Most business owners find that their day is filled with meeting multiple demands and their to-do list never really gets shorter. However, many times business owners find that they are not really satisfied with what they are doing on a daily basis. It is important to determine if opening your business was really what you wanted versus running it on a day to day basis. Periodic examination can help you determine if you are finding the business management function of your job satisfying and fulfilling. Here is what you need to know about business management-

- Most mornings do you wake up excited to get to work? While generally no one is thrilled to head off to work every morning if you are in the right job you will look forward to getting to work. Many timesbusiness owners find that what they really wanted to do was to work on the development of their product or service, or focus on the production of some aspect of their business rather then having their time taken up with running and managing their business. You should also take the time to clearly determine if you running the right kind of business. You may find that you love being a business manager just not for the type of business that you are presently running.
- Do your personal and business goals coincide? Most business owners began the process of starting their business based on a personal need. It is important to make sure that you are still on the path that you wanted when you began this process. For example-If you started your own business in order to have more of a personal life or to spend more time with your family and now you find that you are working more then ever then your personal and business goals are not matching. Or if you started your business because you love a particular product or service but now find that your business has little to do with that you may have taken a wrong turn in the management of your business. Because work is not all we do it is important to periodically check and see if adjustments need to be made in order to bring work and personal goals into a better connection.
- Do you have the right skill set to run the business? While no one is saying that you need to be an expert it does increase the chances of your business succeeding for the long term if you have the right skill set. The reality is that many businesses quickly fail because business owners get in over their heads because of a lack of experience and a lack of skills that are needed to run their particular business. You should not allow the glamour or excitement of running a particular kind of business be the determining factor as to what kind of business you open. Savvy business owners are always looking for ways to increase their skill set in order to make their business even better. You want to make sure that you and your business is considered to be the expert in the industry that your business is in.
- Do you have the personality to manage a business? Most business owners/managers share similar personality traits. Business owners tend to be risk takers, have a great deal of passion for what they do, and work to find creative solutions to problems. They enjoy the challenge and ever changing dynamics of their business. If you find that you don't have these personality traits and this aspect of running your business makes you uncomfortable then it may be time to make a change.

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