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Keeping Your Employees Motivated

To increase productivity for your organization you need to focus on employee morale. What are you doing in order to improve the morale of your employees and to keep them motivated? Having a staff that is anxious to work hard for you can be hard to find but with the right type of hard work you can create effective training programs and other things that will give employees the tools they need to perform their job duties. Then it is up to management to bring out the best in their employees and to create a healthy working environment. When an employee is motivated, they want to work hard and give their employers their best. These employees will perform better and they pay more attention to details and other things.Here are some tips on how you can keep your employees motivated and help them to increase productivity for your company.

Tip # 1 - Acknowledge good work
One of the best things you can do for your organization is to make sure your employees know when they do good work. You have to focus on making them feel special and recognizing them for their hard work and the things that they contribute to the company. Sometimes managers get so caught up on what the employees are not doing that they forget to recognize the things that employees are doing right. If the employees are responsible for some big things, recognize them for it and give them recognition in front of their co-workers. This helps to motivate everyone within the company to work hard and encourages them to find the best out of themselves to bring to the workplace. Offering praise to your employees is a great way to really improve the morale of the organization.

Tip # 2 - Have fun
To help your morale issues you need to focus on having fun with your staff. When people feel overwhelmed with work all the time they are less likely to work hard and to feel good about the work that they do. They also do not want to come to work and rarely have the desire to get up each day to do their job. When you take time to make the working environment fun and enjoyable for them, they will have the motivation to come to work. They will also appreciate their jobs more and they will look forward to working at your company. Crack jokes in the office and take them to lunches. Host fun events for the employees as well. When you have fun with your employees it can make a big difference on your morale and will make the environment enjoyable for everyone.

Tip # 3 - Set an example
Employees need someone to look up to and this person needs to be you! As a manager you need to set an example for your employees so they can follow you and will respect you. Hold true to yourself and the value that you have. Make sure you are not setting a bad example as it can ruin your relationship with your employees and makes it hard for your employees to try to do a good job. Some things you can do include the following:
- Show up to work on time and don't leave early
- Pitch in and help your employees when they are overwhelmed
- Always meet your deadlines
- Hold yourself accountable to higher standard
- Have ethics and live them!
- Offer respect to your employees if you expect to get it in return from them
- Create a positive working environment that people enjoy coming to each day

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