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Should You Offer Flexible Work Schedules?

Do you want to increase productivity and employee morale? A great way to do this is by offering your employees a flexible working schedule. How can a flexible working schedule provide you with so many great benefits? Employees appreciate it when employers do what they can to make their lives easier. Many working parents are looking for companies that have flexible working schedules as it allows them to manage their personal life with their working life. You will find that employees that have the freedom they need with their working hours will have an easier time getting their job done and you are not dealing with as many issues pertaining to productivity or time off work. However we will look at some of the disadvantages that come with flexible working schedules as well to give you the right type of information to work with.

Do a poll of your employees to find out if they might prefer having flexible working hours. Most people will prefer them as they can manage their home life much more effectively. They can easily work for 10 hours one day and leave early another to pick up their kids from school or whatever they have. It's a great way to give your employees options and a little more control when it comes to their job. There are some required hours they will need to work, which helps you with meetings and managing them but for the most part having flexible working hours can lead to great benefits.

Flexible working hours are great for employees and it really shows them that their employers are invested in their personal lives and not just their professional lives. For employees with complex home lives, this is a huge benefit. For other employees looking to save money on fuel, it can allow them to take mass transportation instead of driving to work. Employees will all have a chance to work with each other, giving you greater morale as your employees all know each other thanks to the flexible schedules.

For employers having a flexible schedule is great as you can extend your business hours. You have some people working late night or early morning hours and even weekends. This gives your customers more of an opportunity to get in touch with your organization, which is vital to them and boosting your sales. It's a great benefit to the company, even with the additional costs to stay open later and open up earlier. Managers will need to have various shift schedules to ensure that at least one manager is there for each department in the different hours.

Employers will be able to appreciate how happy their employees are with the company. This allows you to have greater morale and more productivity from your employees as they are appreciative over the flexibility they have with their job. Having freedom is something many employees look for and having the option to find it is a great benefit to them.

Even with all the pros of flexible working schedules there are some concerns that you need to know about. When you have multiple schedules employees may not know exactly who to report to. They often have so many different people giving them job duties that it can lead to some confusion. You also need to watch out for people that take advantage of the flexible schedules and do not work as hard for you. They may get into a pattern of working for a few days and then taking off several others. Due to this, you may need to assign certain shift times to them so they cannot take off every Friday and Monday.

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