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Are Your Employees Underperforming?

How many goals do you set for your staff and how often do they reach these goals? Do you have people that are underperforming all the time? If you have employees that were hired on for certain jobs and they always seem to fail at these jobs, you need to address the issue. What can you do about employees that just are not pushing themselves to become successful and to live up to the standards that you have created? There are some things that you can do in order to make anyone into a successful employee so long as they are willing to listen and to make changes.

Be Clear
When you give people tasks and direction, you need to be very clear in what you are saying. Make sure the person knows that they have a certain job to do and that they know when to finish it on time and to ensure that they know what is expected. People can easily be confused about their jobs and the things that they need to do if you are not clear with the expectations. Remember that everyone will always have a different idea or a different opinion as to what makes something "complete" or whatever it may be. You must be able to communicate effectively with your staff and help them to know that they have certain standards set on them and you expect them to meet these standards. If they fail, you will take disciplinary action or whatever it needs to be against them. This will often motivate people as they do not want to lose their jobs! Be clear about how much time it should take them to do a job. Some new people seem to feel the wrath of missing a deadline because they take too long. Remember they are learning and they want it to be perfect so it is common to see new people take up a lot of time on various things.

Before you go out on a job you usually have the tools and other things you need with you. Your employees can become great if you will train them! Too many organizations will just rush through the training process as they want to get the person in the job soon so they can make money. Think about the bigger picture. If you end up taking the time to invest more into the training, your employees will have more information to use when they are speaking to customers. It really helps to give them more confidence in their abilities and you will be able to see that they can be successful in their job duties with adequate training on your part!

Motivate Your Staff
People want to work hard for a company where they feel respected and appreciated. You must be able to really look for ways to motivate your employees. Find out what drives them to be successful.If you can figure out what that is, you can give them the drive that they need in order to work harder and to ensure that you are having people committed to the success of the company along with the future of their careers.

How did you organize the tasks that they need to do? How well is the company organized as a whole? If things seem to be out of sorts, it will confuse your staff and people are really going to have a hard time being able to know what the expectations are for them and how they can not only meet but exceed those expectations.

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