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Background checks and drug testing, what you should know

When you hire someone you want to make sure that you are hiring someone who will do a wonderful job and who doesn't have a history of stealing or drug use.Most employers now make new hires pass a drug and background check before they are hired.Usually the company will just hire an outside company do the testing for them but it's good to know what the company you are paying is actually doing.This way you can make sure you are getting the most from the company performing the background and drug tests. Getting this kind of information can also help you decide between two employees.

Getting a good company to do the background check and drug tests is important.If you want to save some money on a company that seems cheaper, be careful because not all are good.Some won't give you legitimate results or don't take the precautions necessary to make sure the new hires aren't cheating on their tests.

Background checks include checking someone's credit, their criminal record, and driving records.Some companies also will check the sex offender registry and do reference checks in order to make sure they are not getting someone they don't want.Checking a person's references can also help in making sure you are getting a good employee.Depending on what position the new hire is applying for should determine how much information you might want to get in the report.

Drug testing often tests for the main illegal drugs like, cocaine, marijuana, PCP, and heroine.Some companies will test for drugs that have become more popular in the last few years.They will also test for improper use of prescription drugs.Your company just has to decide what types of tests you want and how thorough you want them to be.

The most common form of a drug test is the urine test.Your employee will have to go to a laboratory and they will usually do the test right there.They usually don't send the test somewhere else to be done but do it right there and get the results within a few days.The only downside to urine tests are that there are a number of ways of cheating.Employees can use a "masking agent" where they don't use their own urine but some other substance or they can drink a lot of water to dilute any substance in their body.Both of these methods are used by employees and are both proven to work.

Some agencies will use methods that won't allow employees to use methods that could change the outcome of the urine test.Agencies will have the testers watch as a urine sample is being given or not allow the employee to take anything with them while they are doing the drug test.If a person drinks a lot of water in order to dilute the alcohol or other substance, the urine will sometimes come out clearer than usual.If that happens the agency will usually reject the sample and will make the person test again another time.

Other methods of doing drug testing include getting hair samples, saliva samples, and sweat samples.They all work about the same as the urine tests.There are always ways of cheating on the drug tests so you have to make sure that the company you get to do the tests will do the best job possible.

Trying to stop cheating on drug tests doesn't always work but a lot of times it does.Having an agency you trust do the background and drug tests is vitally important.An honest agency will tell you everything you need to know about their specific policies.They won't disclose anything from you.You can also make sure that the company will test for most everything, including what drugs have recently been used.

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