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What to consider when running a business

Running a business can be a complex endeavor. Business owners find themselves dealing with a myriad of demands, on a daily basis. However, few business owners take the time to determine if they are doing what they really want. It can be beneficial to stop and take a moment and consider if running your business, is really what you want to be doing. You may find that there are things that you need to change about your current job situation, or you may find that you have never been more fulfilled and happy. Here is what to consider when running a business-

- Are you happy doing what you are doing? It is important to take some time and consider if what you are doing everyday is what you want to be doing/ Many times business owners find that they were happier when they worked on the design or production process, rather then dealing with the administrative demands of running a business. However, if you find yourself waking up each morning and excited to go to work, then you are most likely doing the right things. You should also consider if you are running the right type of business. Many times business owners are just a little to the left of what they really want to be doing. For example-You may be a bakery distributor, however, what you really dream of doing is having your own bakery. You may be perfectly suited to running a business; you may just be in the wrong business! Finally, after this process of self examination, you may find that you love running your business, you just need to make some changes.
- Does your business match up with your personal goals?Sometimes business owners start off on a particular path, only to find themselves somewhere vastly different then they intended. It is important to take the time to consider if your personal goals are matching up with your business goals. For example-If the main goal of starting your own business was to spend more time with your family, and you now find yourself working 18 hour days, then your business and your personal goals are not matching up. While few business owners find themselves with unlimited time on their hands, there are some businesses that are less time consuming then others if that is a priority for you. You will need to see if your goals and the goals of your business can be brought into alignment, or determine if you need to make a significant change, in what you are doing.
- Do you have the skill set that is needed to run your business? While having vast amounts of experience and skill is not required to open a business, it does help-a lot!Many times, business owners find themselves struggling to stay with their business, because they don't have the required skills set to make it successful. While a certain kind of business can seem exciting to run, if you don't have the needed skills, you will find it much harder to get it going. If you find that you don't have the needed skills, for your chosen business, you will need to either gain them, change the business to focus on some skill that you do, or get out of running the business all together. The best way to help your business succeed long term is by being the expert, in your field. This is pretty hard to do, if you don't have the skills to run your business.
- Do you have the right personality to be a business owner? Studies have shown that the most successful business owners, share similar personality traits. You need to be comfortable with taking risks, creatively oriented, and most importantly have a passion, for what you have chosen to do.

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