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Managing employee morale

Employee morale is hugely important for a successful business. If employees are unhappy, production goes down, and customer interaction may be less than positive, etc. The following are a some guidelines for business managers for how to improve and better manage employee morale.

No one likes being bossed around- It is important as a manager to recognize that just because you are a manager, doesn't mean that you can just boss people around, and make them feel less than you. It can be degrading to be told what to do all of the time. Thus, the first step to managing employee morale is remembering to ask instead of boss. You are the boss, so chances are they will listen and do as you ask, but you are going to get a much better response if you ask instead of tell.

Respect their ideas and opinions- One of the fastest ways to improve employee morale is to show your employees that you respect their ideas and opinions. This means talk to them, and listen when they give input. As the leader, it is still up to you to determine which ideas and suggestions you are going to utilize, but it is really important that you at least listen to the employees and what they feel about things.

Dialogue with employees over workplace problems- When there are problems in the office, it can be extremely frustrating to employees to listen to a manager tell them how to solve it when they don't even know what is really going on. The more you dialogue with employees over the problems that exist in the workplace, the better chance you have of getting to the root of the problem, and making your employees feel happy and satisfied with their role in the company. They need to feel as though they have a part.

Provide incentives- Employee morale is always going to be better when employees feel valued, and that their efforts are being recognized and rewarded. Set goals with your employees with clear incentives. This might mean a pizza party if everyone shows up to work on time, or a bonus if you hit a certain quota level, etc. The specifics will vary based on your business, but the outcome the same. Employees want to make sure that they are valued.

"Working with," rather than "managing" people- Remember that you can manage finances, schedules, etc. but people are people, and should not be managed, but instead, should be worked with. They are people with minds, opinions, thoughts, etc. they should not be "managed" rather worked with and treated as people. So, remember to work with people and value them as people.

Employee morale is key to a successful business, and it is a matter of respecting people as individuals, and not trying to be in control of every aspect of their work life. You may be the boss, but it is not up to you to micro-manage and control employees, rather guide them.

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