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Different management careers and styles

confidence30842627.jpg No two people are the same and there are so many different types of managers that it can be hard to define what really makes a good manager. The management careers are very extensive and this is why it can be difficult to define a manager because each department and company has separate needs that are very pressing. Most of us have had great managers and terrible ones. The way in which you are able to adjust to your staff and to take lessons from the managers you have respected in the past will help to define you as a manager. The role of a manager in general terms is to get the job done using the available resources and to use their authority to make pressing decisions for the company while fostering the growth and skills of their employees.

Here are some of the management careers to understand so you can see what type of management style is needed and expected:

  • Purchase Manager. This person will order the raw materials for a company. They are often in charge of negotiating lower prices in order to sell the finished product at a higher rate.

  • Production Manager. This person will be in charge of the overall production of the company. They will work closely with other managers to make sure that production is on schedule and that you don't have hiccups in the process that will cause delays and other issues.

  • Marketing Manager. This person will be in charge of getting customers for the company by advertising the organization. They are in charge of building a reputation for the company and to increase general public awareness of the organization.

  • Sales Manager. This person will set sales goals for the company to extend past the break-even point. It is their job to make sure the company remains in business and is able to generate enough revenue and then extra to place into cash reserves and to help expand the company.

  • Human Resources Manager. This person is key to your staff. They are responsible for the payroll, attendance, recruitment, employee exit, and many other daily functions for the organization.

  • Finance Manager. This person will manage the books of the company and will work closely with the sales manager to create accurate goals for the company to achieve.

Now that you know what type of managers are out there you need to understand the management style that you can work with. Here is some information about the common management styles:

  • Authoritarian - these managers often succeed with many companies but there are some employees that do not grow under this type of leadership style. Typically they are very "bossy" and they will make a decision and place large expectations on the employees to perform exactly as they outlined. Some employees like it because they know exactly what needs to be done while others feel like they are being "told" what to do all the time.

  • Laid Back - for some companies this type of management style can work. These managers prefer to make everyone work on their own terms instead of forcing them to do and act a certain way. It can foster creativity but some people take advantage of this and will get lazy when it comes to deadlines and even daily things like getting to work on time.

  • Democratic - this manager often consults with everyone before making a decision. They are able to get a good feel for their staff and to make sure people feel involved in the company. It's a great management style to boost employee morale.

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