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Finding a good domain name

Your domain name really matters. It is how people find you, often how they identify with you. You want to find a domain name that represents your company, such as your company name or product offered. However, these days it seems like every word holds a trademark, and finding a decent domain name available is somewhat of a joke. The following is a look at how you can find a good domain name without the headache.

One of the very best ways to find a good domain name is to create your own word. Finding a domain for your business without the hassle of checking for trademarks, and dealing with availability, is simple if you come up with your own word. Think about some of the words large businesses use. These will be a great guide for you to use to understand how to create your own word to represent your company, product, or service. Sometimes creating your own word is as easy as combining two words to create one, much like how celebrity couples combine their names.

The first tip when you create your own word is to think up the known words you want it to associate with. For example, Acura is a word that has immediate association with "accurate" or "precise" you don't get those words, but they do jump to mind when you hear the word "Acura." So, what words do you want people to associate with your brand? Then come up with a word that brings those to mind because it sounds like them, or is in some way associated with them.

Choose something catchy and unique, as you want your brand and thus domain to be memorable. Many times people pass the word along via voice, so you want them to be able to say go to "" and have them remember it, be able to spell it, and find your business domain easily. Come up with several options that you can try out, and decide which ones are the catchiest, most memorable, unique, and something that you would want to have as a domain.

Finding a domain name can be tricky, but taking the time to come up with a great word that can be used for your domain name, and doing some heavy thinking and research to get the best possible domain name and associations for your business will pay off in the long run. Check things like initials, as you don't want your acronyms to be unpleasant or poorly associated. For example, if you are a property management company, and you name yourself Properly Management Savings, your initials would be PMS, which is not really ideal. The idea of providing savings is great, but you are using a boring name. Come up with something unique instead, like "Propegent" for property management.

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