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Giving responsibilities

Good leadership often requires delegation. When you are a business manager, one of the most important things you need to learn how to do is entrust others with responsibilities, and empower them to become responsible, and really perform as expected. If you try to do it all, or micromanage everything, you will find yourself spread too thin, and the success of your employees, and thus business, will be lacking. A person can't succeed and grow unless given a chance to do so, the following is a look at how to give responsibilities in a way that helps insure success:

Help each team member figure out his or her unique contributions. In other words, what does each member of your team do well, or feel passionate about, and how can it be used to reach your objectives. When you figure out what they can contribute, and set clear expectations, as well as create a culture that allows them to foster and grow their talents while doing their jobs, you will find success! In order to do this, you need to have some conversations. Discover what their talents are. Ask them what they are passionate about, or watch them for signs. Then capitalize on those things and use them!

Hold them accountable for using their talents in work. This is really important, every employee should be trying to do their best work, and should be using their talents to do so. This is how they find success. Focus on this, expect them to do their best, and to use their talents. Then hold them accountable for doing so. You do this through performance reviews, measurements, and other ways of tracking productivity and success.

Be the example. One aspect of giving responsibilities to others, and having them take those responsibilities seriously is being a good example. A good manager or leader will set the example. If you want your employees to be passionate about what your company is doing, you need to be passionate about it. If you want them to work hard when they are on the clock, they need to see you working hard. As you set an example, you will gain respect, and you will see that your employees take their responsibilities more seriously.

It is important to remember that when responsibility is given, expectations must be extremely clear, and accountability must be in place. Discuss any responsibilities you give someone with them, let them help you to come up with a plan for how they will best meet their obligations, and how they will be held accountable. When you work together to create the plan of tasks and measurements, you create a system that insures that they are as invested in the results as you are. Be sure to provide them with the necessary resources to succeed, and take the time to check in, check up, and remind them when they are off track.

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