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How recessions affect various job industries: Feature Article

When it comes to facing a recession one thing that most people fear is that they are going to lose their jobs. And in fact this is a very real free because millions of people actually do lose their jobs when our economy is in a recession, which is why the unemployment rates go up during the times of a recession. But just because you have lost your job or even if you are looking for a job during a recession that doesn't mean you won't be able to find that job. The reason for this is that even though we might be faced with a recession or we are in a recession there are still certain employers who are still hiring, in fact they are actively looking for people to fill various job positions. Not to mention the fact that there are numerous job industries that will actually thrive during a recession.

In fact 32% of employers actually plan to add full time, permanent employees in 2008; this is according to a survey that was done by But on the other hand there are many employers who still plan on hiring but they don't expect to hire a bunch of people at once, they actually expect a slower, yet steady hiring environment.

But what you need to know is that not all industries are going to be safe during a recession. In fact there are going to be some industries that are going to get hit harder during a recession than others. Some of the industries that are going to get hit the hardest during a recession include retail, manufacturing, finance, and technology. The reason that these types of industries are going to get hit the hardest during a recession is that most of these industries rely on consumers to purchase their goods. And as most of you know during a recession people are not spending money as freely as they do when the economy is not in a recession. In fact during a recession people are actually more concerned with saving money and selling their investments because they need money to pay their bills. So since they are not spending money the demand for the producers goods and services are going to go down. And because the demand is going down this means that they need less employees to produce their goods or perform services.

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But just because some industries are going to get hit hard during a recession this doesn't mean that all industries are going to get hit hard. In fact there are quite a few industries that actually thrive during a recession; basically these types of jobs are recession proof. But one mistake that many people make is that they tend to think that the industries that are recession proof are only hiring professionals. For example the health care industry is only hiring nurses or doctors. This is a common misconception because not only do they need the professionals but they also need ordinary people to help fill other jobs such as medical billing, administrators and people who specialize in information technology. Basically within any industry that is recession proof there are going to be a demand for a variety of jobs.

Here is a list of potential job industries that will actually be offering the best opportunities for jobs during the current economic slump.

Number one:
Education industry. The reason for this is that there are more and more teachers that are retiring every year and in addition to the numerous teachers that are retiring there is an increasing number of students that are being enrolled in the school system, anywhere from kindergarten to the 12th grade. So because of the retiring and increasing amount of children the demand for skilled teachers is actually on the rise. In fact the National Center for Education actually predicts that in the next eight years 2.8 million teachers are going to need to join the current 3.2 million teachers that we already have. The reason for this is because of the retirements, the increasing enrollment, but also because of the high teacher turnover. But not only are teachers going to be in demand in the education industry there are going to be other jobs in high demand. Some of those high demand jobs are going to be: administrators, independent consultants, and sales executives to supply text books and other learning materials. In fact any job in the education industry is going to be safe because regardless of what is going on in the economy our children still need to receive an education and must have the supplies to do it.

Number two:
Energy industry. This pretty much covers the oil industry. The reason that these jobs are going to be in demand, in spite of how high crude oil prices are going, is the fact that in the next 10 years this industry is facing the fact that at least 80% of its work force is going to be reaching retirement age. So what this means for this industry is that most of these people are going to retire which is going to open up a majority of job opportunities. In fact jobs that are related to oil and gas, alternative and renewable energy, and even nuclear energy are going to actually see job growth at a very steady pace. Other jobs that deal with energy that are going to be in demand include: geoscientists, nuclear power reactor operators and engineers.

Number three:
Environmental sector. In fact this industry has actually done a great job of creating jobs during the last few years. According to the United Nations report in 2005 the environmental industry actually created 5.3 million jobs. One of the main reasons that these jobs are going to be in demand during a recession is that more businesses are becoming considered with how they are affecting the environment so they need to hire people who can help them portray a positive image. But also because of the fact that more and more concerns are developing over global warming, more and more companies are actually going "green" in response to the public and private sectors concerns about global warming. And what they are doing is hiring engineers and scientists to help them develop "green" technology. Not to mention the fact that companies are also going to need guidance from these types of employees on the various things that they can do to become more eco-friendly. But other jobs that are going to be hiring people in the environmental industry are environmental consultants, program managers and attorneys.

Number four:
Health care industry. This is one of the fastest growing job markets of all times. In fact according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics nearly half of the 30 fastest growing jobs are in the health care industry. Part of the reason or this is that more and more people need healthcare especially as they get older and because of the fact that more and more people are seeking preventive care. Some of the faster growing jobs in the health care field are medical assistants, physical therapists and home health aides.But regardless of how fast these jobs are growing there is still a high demand because there are not enough people to fill these types of jobs. In fact CA actually entices people to apply for the hard to fill jobs by offering a large signing bonus, $7,500. But they also offer a smaller signing bonus for the more traditional jobs, $3,500. But in order to keep people in these positions CA is also offering more bonuses such as $3,00 annually for continuing education and relocation reimbursement, time off to pursue professional interests, overtime pay, and the option to work 12 hour shifts with 4 days a week off. But it isn't just nursing jobs that are thriving in the health care industry some other jobs that are currently in demand include physicians assistants, medical records and health information technicians, and personal and home care aides.

Number five:
Security industry. Regardless of what you are doing in life or the jobs that are coming and going there is always going to be a demand for some type of security. In fact according to numerous studies there is always going to be a demand for security and as time progresses this demand is going to increase because of the improvements in our technology. There are numerous security positions that our economy needs, whether it is armored car drivers to transport money or security in the airport. Having security around helps to protect all of us, not to mention it makes people feel a lot safer. According to a 2007 report by the Partnership for Public Service the Defense and Homeland Security Department needs to fill an estimated 83,000 jobs over the next two years. But in addition to these jobs being in demand other security jobs that are in demand are transportation security, information security managers and computer programmers.

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