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How to build an engaging website

If you are going to sell anything online, service or product, you have to have a website that is engaging. The following are some tips for building an engaging website that can grab attention, and help you make sales.

First- Know your target market. You have to know what problems and issues they face, otherwise how can you present yourself as a solution? You want to do market research to determine if they are willing to spend any money to overcome the problems that face them, and how much. How do your target market describe their problems? You want to use the words and phrases they use in your website in order to optimize the commonly used key words. Make sure you use any phrases and words they typically use to describe their problems in your content and blog posts.

Second, create a memorable brand. Without it your website will be far from engaging. Ask yourself what your strengths are, and what your consumers are noticing and complimenting you on, then focus on those in your website, highlighting the things that make you unique. This is going to help people see what makes you shine, or what puts you above your competition, and help them get excited to use you.

Third, engaging websites require something free or irresistible to keep people on your site. Stats show that first time visitors to a site rarely purchase anything, so if you want to get them to buy from you, you have to offer something to keep them coming back, as it usually takes 7-9 interactions before they open their wallet. Offering a free subscription to your newsletter, a free consultation with follow ups, etc. can be a great way to connect with people, get their email for touching base with them, etc. Offer a free discount code if they "like" you on Facebook, and you get more exposure.

Fourth, provide great content that is consistent, regular, that grabs their attention, and that gives them value, such as a free report, an ecourse, or something that encourages them to want to continue visiting your site, and provide you with their personal information. If your content is good, they will keep coming back for more.

Last, but not least, be sure that you use your website to engage your audience, not lecture them. It is great to have interactive portions that encourage dialogue and conversation. You should look for ways to catch their attention with media and ask for their feedback as this will help them feel like they are part of the conversation, not someone being spoken at.

In addition, make sure your website has everything working properly, especially internal links, and that you have information, a blog, photos, etc. so that it is visually appealing and meets their needs.

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