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How to build better relationships with your colleagues


You spend about one fifth of your life at work so you might as well work on making that time as pleasant as possible.One way to make the time you spend in the office pleasant is to build good relationships with your colleagues.Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do.


Difficulty:Medium easy


Step 1:Be a team player.One of the best ways to build better relationships with your colleagues is to be a team player.Even if you feel like it, don't let things like "it's not my job" come out of your mouth.Your job should be to help in whatever way that you can.Remember that if once in a while you pitch in and help with something that isn't your job, it is quite likely that the favor will be returned when you need it.Sometimes it is hard to focus on the team when you are obligated to your section or your department so try to always attend group functions, company parties, and even staff meetings.Getting to know the members of your team will help you to be a team player.

Step 2:Be friendly.Make a personal policy for yourself to greet every person you see every time you see them.This seems a little awkward until you try it but you will soon see that a greeting, no matter how small, when you pass someone in the hall or by the water cooler is always well received.While you are greeting people, it is a great idea to use names."Hi Wilma, how are you?" goes a long way towards building good relations at work.

Step 3:Be positive.Even if you are negative in your very soul, you can learn to act positively.The benefit that being positive will have on your peer relations is well worth the difficulty you might have biting your tongue or saying nice things.People are drawn to positive people and being positive at work, you will encourage friendship and good social relations.The nifty thing about this is that friendships and good social relations will encourage positive feeling so as soon as you start acting positively, you will get sucked into a positive cycle.

Start being positive by refusing to say anything negative.Remember the advice of your mother when she said, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.Once you have stifled negative comments, you can start working on positive comments.Any sentence that starts with "I like" is going to be positive.Try to make several "I like" statements every day.

Step 4:Don't be a big mouth.One way to really screw up your relations with your colleagues is by being a boor.Try not to brag about yourself when talking to others.Instead, ask questions about them and find out about their lives.If there really is something earthshaking that you want people to know about you, the rumor mill will take care of that, you bragging on yourself is only going to alienate your co-workers.

While you are watching what you say, you might as well focus on not spreading rumors or being a gossip.This might appear to make you friends because the other rumormongers will listen to what you have to say but in the long run, it is not going to improve your relationships.You want a reputation of being someone other people can trust.If you are gossiping and spreading rumors, you are not acting in like a trustworthy person.

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