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How to track the progress of your employees

The progress and productivity of your employees is going to depend a lot on you and your skills as a supervisor/manager. Your role as a supervisor/manager is to help employees to improve their performance and help them to achieve the required levels of performance. Your role as a supervisor is not to sit back and bark out orders.
As a supervisor/manager you need to ensure employees are conducting their work in a professional and productive manner. Encouraging your employees to be successful in their work can be done by coaching. Coaching employees doesn't mean you are going to have a big shiny whistle and shout at them. Coaching employees consists of helping employees to understand what is expected of them and their job performance. Recognizing and rewarding employees for their work performance is also part of coaching. Evaluating employees work performance should be done on a regular basis. One idea to document employee performance during an evaluation is a progress report. During an evaluation you should discuss performance and development with the employee that is being evaluated. If the employee is reaching the levels of expectation recognize and reward their efforts. If the employee is exhibiting poor work performance, discuss with the employee ways to help the employee raise their performance and meet the expected work standards. Employee evaluations should not be seen as a negative procedure, but as a positive. Employee evaluations should be used as a tool to help employees be more productive in their work performance. Evaluations should be documented and kept in the employees personnel file. Documentation should consist of employee's strong points and also their weak. You should also document suggestions and training that has been discussed with the employee to strengthen a poor work performance. The progress report should state what is going to be done to improve the employee's performance along with ways to maintain a good work performance. Both you and the employee should sign and date the report. At the next evaluation use the employee's previous progress report to track the progress they have made.

Progress and growth are key essentials in the success of a company. If your company improves and progresses it will continue to succeed. Much of this progress is going to have to do with you and the employees that work for you. Employees can either add value to your company or lessen value. If your employees are productive in their work performance that will add value to your company, but if you have employees who exhibit poor work performance that will only lessen the value of your company and its chances of success.
To ensure your employees are an asset to your company and add value, make sure all employees understand what their job expectations are. Communicate to employees their work performance and productivity is important to the company's success or failure. As a supervisor/manager you need to ensure all employees are trained, educated and able to perform their jobs properly.
Identifying inappropriate behavior exhibited by employees should be immediately corrected, along with poor work performance. Determining if an employee adds value to your company or lessens value is a continuous effort. Continuing to not recognize poor employee productivity will only make the problem more difficult to fix. Correcting employee productivity and performance as soon as it is identified is the best way to fix any problems with employee performance.
As a supervisor/manager you should always maintain a professional and productive attitude. Setting an example for your employees to follow will help them to be more productive and also help in the success and growth of your company.

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