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Leadership skill set

Being a leader means doing more than managing a team of employees, rather it is a role where you motivate, inspire, and help those employees reach their greatest potential so that your business can reach its as well. Of course, this takes a specific skill set. Here is a look at the skills that are useful and required for leadership in business:

Communication: A good leader knows how to communicate expectations with their team, and provides communication that inspires their team to reach their potential. Every good leader should have three conversations (not only three, but these three should be included), with each member of their team.

The first is the "You have value and potential" conversation. This is the conversation where you get to know the people you will be leading, and discover their talents. Then you affirm their worth and potential on your team. You want them to know you value them and the talents that they have. This gives them some freedom to use their talents and think outside the box, rather than try to mold themselves to the job, you mold the job to what they do best.

The second is the "Expectations and Accountability" conversation. In this conversation you need to clarify what you expect from them, and how you will hold them accountable. The beauty of this conversation is you can have them help you set these expectations, and determine how they will use their specific talents to benefit the company.

The third is the "I am here for you" conversation. Their success and failures reflect directly back on their leaders, and thus, you have to let your employees know that while they are responsible for their performance, you have there as a resource for them, and a source of help when it is needed. Express to them your desire to have them come to you for aid when needed.

Develop talents in team: The second skill set that is absolutely critical for any good leader is the mindset of not just managing your employees, but inspiring them, and helping them to develop their talents to your mutual benefit. In other words, through your leadership, they should be able to unleash their talents and feel comfortable doing what they do best.

Motivate and inspire: Last, be a leader that motivates and inspires employees. This is best done through example of utilizing potential, and encouragement of innovation and ideas in business development.

Leadership often dictates success. If your leaders are connecting with, inspiring, motivating, and unleashing the talents of your employees, you will see greater profitability, and a happier workplace. Leadership is a process, and while some people are born to be more natural leaders than others, the skills required to be a leader are developed through time and practice, which means anyone can be a leader who sets their mind to it, and understands the value of superior leadership.

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