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Let your customers do your marketing

For every business, the ideal scenario would be to have such an amazing product or service that you never have to spend a single penny marketing it because those who are familiar with it will do all the marketing for you. The following steps, when implemented properly, will help you create such a loyal following of customers, that they do your marketing for you:

Credibility counts- Profess a strong belief in your product. You have to be vigilant about remaining credible; the Internet makes it hard to come back when you aren't.This means that you have to believe in what you do, believe in your product, and prove it with the actions that you take. When a person is convinced your product is great because of your marketing, or a great sales rep, then gets it home and discovers it is not all it is cracked up to be, they can do a lot of damage online to your reputation. Thus, it is important to be credible, and focus on staying that way.

Be realistic- Be enthusiastic about your product, but do not be blind to its defects and problems.Zealots can quickly become critics if things go wrong, so make sure you are realistic, and address any issues that arise. It is really important to be passionate about what you do, but never allow that passion to blind you to room for improvement. There is always going to be some room for improvement in every industry and market. Be open minded and realistic about your product, and find solutions to problems surrounding it.

Educate customers- Proper education is the key to creating satisfied buyers. If you bought an appliance and did not know how to use it, you would not be satisfied with your purchase. The same is true of anything. Educating customers on how to use, when to use, and why to use what you offer will result in a little more work, with a lot more payoff.

Nurture your charm- What makes you special? Customers should feel like they are part of an exclusive community. Do an evaluation of your company, and determine what your competitive advantages are, and ask yourself how you can turn that into something that makes people feel proud to own your product or participate in your service. In other words, what sets you apart, and how can you make it attractive enough to attract consumers? You can do this by providing a free membership to owner's only (such as a website with recipes specifically for the cookware you sell).

Choose your partners carefully- When you work with people, you want to make sure they are going to do their part in keeping your customers happy.They need to be committed to the same standards of quality and service you are committed to. This takes time and effort to find the right distributors, retailers, and partners, but when done right, it really pays off.

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