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Providing resources as management

As a manager you need to be a leader. Great managers lead their teams to success by best utilizing the strengths and talents of each team member. They take the time to have conversations where they identify what the person can contribute, set expectations for performance and accountability, and then provide the person with the help and resources they need for success. The following is a look at how a manager can become a source of help and inspiration for employees once the performance objectives are clear:

1. Change the mentality. Instead of employees looking at their role as you being in charge and them helping you, shift the responsibility. They need to look at each performance objective as something they are in charge of, and you are their as a resource or a help should the need arise. This is really important because it allows them to have faith in their abilities, and better reach their potential. It results in better success and growth of your business.
2. Do not micromanage- If you want your employees to succeed in meeting their objectives, and you want to achieve goal one above, then you can't micromanage them. This means do not hover, and do not retain some of the control or responsibility. Rather, give them control of ownership on the project. If they do not feel like you trust them, they will not reach their potential.
3. Do not abandon them- Just as important as not micromanaging is the importance of not handing over responsibility and then leaving them without support. You can't just let them go at it alone, instead, find a middle ground, where you are there to support when needed, but they are in charge of making things happen.
4. Mutually beneficial or mutually destructive. A great manager recognizes that success or failure is going to reflect on them, if their team does well, they look good too, if they do poorly, they look bad too. Thus, it is in the best interest of everyone that the manager be a resource or tool, but not someone the team is completely dependant on. The employees should be allowed to reach their goals their way, and turn to you for help when needed. Do not create dependence, but do not leave them to their own resources entirely either. Give support at the right time and in the right way. It does take balance, but you can watch for signs from your team, and let them know they can ask you for help any time.
5. Remember, your goals- Every leader should have the goal of transforming potential into performance. This should be clear in your mind so that when you want to step in and take over, you step back instead, allowing employees to stretch, grow, and succeed. When you see them struggling and failing, you add support, and become a resource for them, not taking over, but not abandoning them either.

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