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Managing for excellence

If you want to get excellence from your employees, you have to manage for excellence. The following are some tips for how to manage for excellence.

1. Tap their talents- This is the most important thing you can do as a manager in order to get excellence from your team. A manager who uses their employee's strengths is going to have strong results. Take time to sit down with each employee you have and discover what their talents are and how you can use them in their job. In other words, an employee who is using their talents to do their work will do their work better. Encourage the use of and development of talents in your employees.

2. Fuel their passions- Passion is key to success. If you can get your employees passionate about and excited to be part of what you are doing, you will not have to continually prod them to work, rather they will be self-motivated, and not just give you what is expected, but go above and beyond.

3. Fills a clear need- Help your team see that the work they are doing fills a clear need. This will give them some purpose and help them feel like what they are doing is going to provide value and add to someone's life, maybe even their own.

4. Speaks to their conscious- Once you show them that they can use their talents, and fuel their passions, and help them see where they are filling a need, you can rely on their conscious to get them to work hard and give it their all.

In addition to looking to do the above four things, consider the following:

What challenges will they face? This is an important aspect to not only consider but address. Discuss with the employees the challenges they may face as they work toward their goals, and ask them what you can do to smooth the path and make it easier for them to get there.

What results would you like to get? What is the outcome you are seeking? What are your goals and those of your employees? How can you align them, and make them possible? What steps can you put into place to ensure that you get where you want, and what can you avoid so that your results are on par with your expectations? Discuss it as a manager and employee so that you are both on the same page with the same set of expectations and goals. The clearer the expectations and evaluations or measurements, the more performance oriented your employees with be.
What contributions can you make to your team, organization, customers, and community? Ask yourselves what your effort and contributions from you will lead to. What can you do for others? Often this is going to bring about the best results because it means that they know how their actions affect others.

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