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Performance management

There are a lot of business management tactics that are bandied about as the best way to run a company, or a lead a team. The management tactic you determine to use will depend on who you are, what you are managing, and what your desired outcome is. However, the following are seven great tips for performance management:

1. Work with employee to decide what to work on, and what the desired results are. A manager should always take time to discuss with employees what they expect, and what they should be focusing on. Instead of telling your team, discuss it with them, and let them have some input, it will really help.
2. The employee and manager have clear goals and clear measurements. When an employee knows where they are headed, and what goals they are trying to accomplish, as well as how these goals will be measured, they perform better. Create these goals together, and determine how to measure their success.
3. Manager and employee define consequences for not meeting expectations. This is really important, an employee should take part in determining what the result will be if they do not accomplish their goals. Consequences should be clear, and expectations clear so that everyone is held accountable.
4. Hold regular performance reviews to account for progress toward goals. A great way to encourage better performance from employees is to hold regular performance reviews, where they know their actions will be reviewed, and their performance evaluated. This will help keep them on track and excited about their work.
5. Both employee and manager are motivated because both parties are responsible for the outcome. This is an important conversation to have together. When you let them know that you want their success, and that you can be used as a resource because their success or failure reflects on you too, they will turn to you when they need help.
6. Performance is rated on clear criteria. Performance management means that the employee is always evaluated and rated on how they do. Let them know what you expect and the way they will be evaluated, and you will see better results.
7. Performance is improved, and the relationship is strengthened. Remember in performance reviews, that not only should problems be addressed, but the things they are doing right ought to be praised.

Avoid the annual performance stuff, and instead, have meaningful, engagingconversations regularly with your team. You will find that by setting clear expectations, and discussing their strengths, and helping them to utilize their talents to be successful in the job, you will not only have a far more successful team, but one that works harder and smarter. It is a win-win situation to have engaging and productive conversations with your employees, and manage with performance in mind. The best results come from the happiest, and best utilized employees. Seek out their talents, and be clear on expectations and measurement.

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