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Purpose driven marketing

What does it mean to be a purpose driven company? It means working for something, and being passionate about what you do. Whether your purpose is to go green, or provide natural foods, or something else it matters little. The idea is to find your purpose and get behind it. Help create an environment where everyone is working toward the same ideals, and trying to achieve your purpose. If you can find this cohesiveness, you will succeed.

Most purpose driven companies can boast of a few things:
1. They are loved by their employees.
2. They are loved by their customers.
3. They are consistently profitable.
Why is purpose driven marketing so successful? When given the choice between great and mediocre, choose great. A purpose driven marketing plan tells your customers and your employees that you are not going to just get by, but provide the best quality possible, all around. This will mean you have more fun, and will create more loyal customers and employees.

When you create a purpose driven company, and your employees feel respected and loved, they in turn treat customers better. What can this do for you? If you do this, you will create fans that become part of your sales force. This is what we mean: When you create a company and product people can believe in, the customers will find that they believe in you so much that they start to rave about you, and convince others to believe in you too. They share your company purpose with others, and get others on board. They become your marketing force, and sales team, and people trust them, as they do not benefit at all, and thus your become more profitable.

How can you do this?: It is easy, there are three basic steps, but they must be carried out completely, without deviating, and you will find that by completing step one, the others follow. A purpose driven company, will have driven employees. Here are the steps.
1. Treat employees with respect.
2. Employees in turn will treat customers with respect.
3. You will then profit.

Part of treating your employees with respect is creating a motivating environment for your people. Without your people you are nothing. People are what create your results. This is important to remember, companies who treat employees as disposable, generally find that they are treading water, trying to stay in business. Companies who respect their employees, and create a comfortable, motivating environment, tend to find themselves standing on firm ground.

If you are only going to remember one thing about the importance of purpose driven marketing, and creating a great environment and culture for your employees in order to be successful, it should be this: Companies are successful because of the quality of service offered to customers, and the quality of life for the employees.

If you can successfully manage those two things, you will have a company worth keeping, and a company that is profitable despite economic conditions, and everything else.

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