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Time for an upgrade

Do you focus on keeping your company up to date with the latest equipment? If you aren't upgrading your computer systems and other equipment, you could be putting your company at a severe disadvantage. The IT world is always coming out with new software and other things that can have a big impact on your company and while you might not need to purchase all of them, there are quite a few that you do need to consider adding to your company in order to increase efficiency and to develop a stronger company.

If you are still using the older computers that run Windows 98, it's time to upgrade. While Windows 98 does work great, it's pretty old and most of the companies out there are running XP or higher. You may have noticed how difficult it may be for Excel and other programs to format correctly from your computer to other computers. This can cause a lot of issues, especially when you need to have these spreadsheets sent to clients. Upgrade to a new software program that will help you to get a little more performance out of your machine.

Older computers also need to move out of the office. It's a good idea to consider installing new computer systems every 5-7 years. This is the best way to keep up with the latest in processing systems and other things. You also need faster computers with more memory if you are hanging onto large files or when you are designing things such as graphic design or photography work.

Credit cards
Are you still accepting checks? Yikes, you really need to get out of this dead method of payments and move into the world of credit cards. Online payments are a must-have in today's world as you will see your sales revenue increase dramatically when you install vendor services on the site and announce their involvement with your company. Credit cards are so widely accepted in today's world that it seems almost asinine not to have vendor services to accept them. You can get a vendor for a low cost since so many banks deal with them and it may end up saving you money since you won't see nearly as many returned checks and the fees that come along with them.

What type of phone system do you have for your business? You want to upgrade to a new phone system that allows for conference calling and many other features if you only have a single landline at the moment. Take a look at the VoIP phone lines as they are very clear and the plans are pretty affordable. The one thing to note is that when your internet service is down, so is your phone line. Depending upon the business you run, losing your phone line can really hurt you.

Do you have a website for your business? If you don't have one, get one! A website is vital for any business as it gives you free reign to talk about anything you want with your customers and your customers can learn great information about your company. They can even order products from your website and many of them will turn to your website if they are unable to get a hold of you. In addition to creating a website for your business, you also need to look into other things that will be able to help your company develop a greater presence such as adding a Facebook fan page or using a blog to start communicating with your customers and building a stronger online presence.

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