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Asset searches

An asset search is a great option for businesses with cash flow problems due to customers ignoring invoices, phone calls, and other correspondence about paying past due accounts. An asset search can help you get the information you need to collect on what is owed you, and improve your business cash flow.

There are a lot of reasons that customers don't pay the money they owe, the poor economy, lost work, recession, high food and gas prices, and so many other reasons. Our economy is not in a pretty state, and while that is not your fault as a business, it will affect your as many people are finding it more and more difficult to come up with the money they owe you. However, with the help of an asset search company, you could recover some of the money owed you by non-paying clients and customers.

An asset search is done quickly. Most asset search companies will forward information regarding the search you did to you in less than a week's time. It usually only takes a few days to gather the relevant information to help you collect outstanding accounts.

Asset searches are easy. It is easy because you can pay a professional asset search company to do the search for you.

Asset searches are affordable. They typically cost less than $300, and if they can help you collectYou will pay different amounts for a nationwide search on individuals versus corporate entities.

How do you use an asset search to recover funds? An asset search is going to tell you what the client has of value. One you get the asset search report back, you can meet with your attorney and have them review the report and determine if they have anything that is valuable that you can obtain from them to cover the debts owed. Then they can proceed to go after the companies or individuals that have assets. If they don't, you know you won't be getting anything from them and can save time and money in court, as you won't get paid anyway.

In order to conduct an asset search, you need to have the name of the person or entity, and the last known address. Even if the address is not still relevant, it will help the asset research along. The following is a look at what information an asset search usually recovers, which can help you if you decide to pursue or settle a claim. The more information you have about the debtors financial situation and asset count, the better prepared you are to make an agreement with them.

  • The subject's name and address;
  • Driver's license information;
  • Real estate;
  • Motor vehicles;
  • Watercraft;
  • FAA certifications and aircraft;
  • Professional licenses;
  • Bankruptcies;
  • Liens and judgments;
  • UCC filings;
  • Corporate entities associated with the subject;
  • Voter registration information;
  • Sexual offenses;
  • Employment information; and
  • State and federal criminal records.
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