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Tips for improving employee morale

When a company faces complicated issues with their employees such as non-attendance and tardiness, it often disrupts the flow of operations and can impact employee efficiency and customer contentment. There are a number of different reasons that cause poor work attendance, which include family emergency situations and illness. However, poor work attendance can also be caused by lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm or burn out. Employee attendance can be increased by improving employee morale. Here are some tips to help boost employee morale and improve employee performance and attendance:
1. Involve employees.
Ask employees for suggestions and ideas on matters that affect the company. Encourage employees to give feedback and ask for solutions to problems within the company. People feel they are part of the solution when they are asked to help in solving the problem. When you involve employees in the problem solving process you show you trust their judgment and value their opinions. Let employees make choices that directly affect them and their work, such as selecting office furniture or as simple as choosing the radio station.

2. Identify specific goals.
Communicate your expectations clearly and give employees a focal point for their efforts. Identify goals for each employee or for the entire staff as a whole. Encourage employees to discuss with you any problems or issues they need help on. Discuss with employees ways of achieving goals.
3. Develop an incentive and reward program.
Provide employees with an incentive or reward program for accomplishing work related goals. Offer them something that is special that they can become excited about such as a round of golf, a gift certificate or weekend getaway. Also remind employees how important they are and that they are appreciated. Recognize their efforts and express your appreciation with a simple pat on the back or by providing pizza for lunch for the entire staff.
4. Encourage professional growth and development.
Provide adequate training that meets the needs of employees. Make completing training programs an important factor in their evaluation. This will ensure that employees understand their job responsibilities and how to perform those responsibilities correctly. Employees that are not trained properly will not want to come to work and they will also lack self confidence while they are working. Give employees the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills by offering additional training and ongoing coaching. This will have a positive effect on the employeeand also on the company.
5. Provide your employees with a work environment that is challenging but fun as well. Add a bit of humor to situations when it is appropriate. Show employees that mistakes will be made by being able to admit it when you make a mistake and also being able to laugh about it. By doing so you are helping to establish an environment that encourages employees to take risks without fear.
6. Communicate the vision or mission of your business.
Share with employees the company's mission, purpose and goals. When you share the mission statement with employees it gives them a sense of belonging and a connection to the company and what it hopes to achieve.
7. Provide your employees with challenging work projects whenever possible.
Offer employees the opportunity to work in other areas or departments. This can be beneficial to both the employee and the company as well.
8. Set an example for employees to follow.
A team is only as good as it's leader. So be sure to show your employees respect, they will show you respect as well. Be positive and show employees that they are cared about and vital to the success of the company.

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