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Using free background checks to know who you are hiring

Unfortunately fraud is all around us and some of the people that are working for your company may not be telling you the complete truth. Using background checks to find out who you are hiring is one of the best things you will ever do. You can actually get free background checks now and it doesn't take very long to find out who this potential job candidate is and if they are a good fit for your company.

A background check reveals more than criminal history, it's a great way to learn about the work history of this person and to make sure they are telling you the complete truth. There have been a number of companies that have been burned by employees that seem to be highly educated but end up using a fraud program to swindle a lot of money away from companies.

The online sites will be able to tell you about anything related to criminal history. You can also learn more about the person's background related to their educated as you research them on business sites. Even doing a search on Google for this person's name will be able to pull up information that is related to them and will be able to help you see more about what type if experience they have.

A person with a criminal background may not be a bad person and they hopefully found themselves in a bad situation at one time. If they have a record and you feel they have all the skills you need, ask them very direct questions pertaining to their criminal background. You need to find out why they have a criminal history if they continue to profess their innocence.

There are some people out there with criminal backgrounds that will spy on companies and reveal their secrets to competitors and other organizations. This is why you need to do the background checks because this information can compromise your company and cause big losses to your business. You can take legal action against this person but recovering the amount of money you have lost is often not a possibility and you are going to be stuck with a big loss and a bruised ego for not investigating who you hired.

Which sites are the most reliable for free background checks online? There are actually quite a few but some of the ones that stand out the most include and Typically you need the name and address of the person along with the professional information of this person in order to find out who they are and to bring up the correct background information.

Sexual offenders can be check on by using your states system but they will also appear in the criminal background check websites. These individuals can also be a huge risk to your company as they can offend your other employees or can commit illegal acts against them. Crimes committed by any person in any manner are a risk and it's not a wise decision to bring them onto your staff.

You need to create a policy that states you do have the right to pass over an employee or potential job candidate that has committed a crime and has a record. You need to keep your company safe and hiring a criminal isn't the best thing to do for your company and your other employees. Make sure you trust your instincts when you are hiring people to help lead your company. This is often one of the best ways to find out who is going to excel and who isn't going to make it onto your companies salary list.

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