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Using incentives to create a positive work environment

cashflow19162760.jpgIt is important for the workplace to be a positive one. When the workplace is positive it makes going to work a better experience for the employees and the employer. People tend to work better in a positive work environment and more employees will enjoy coming to work instead of dreading it.

While there are many ways for a business owner and the managers of a business to create a positive work environment, this article will discuss one of the best ways; incentives.

Examples of workplace incentives

There a variety of incentives that a business can use to help create a positive work environment for their employees and for themselves.And depending on the type of workplace and the type of employees the kinds of incentives that will work well will probably vary.

Cash tends to be an incentive that will work well for just about any type of business. Both men and women employees like to receive extra cash. And age does not tend to be a factor with this incentive choice either.

Gift certificates are another great incentive. Of course the particular employee who has earned the gift certificate should help a business owner or manager decide on the type of gift certificate they should give out. For example, while a restaurant gift certificate may work for a male or a female employee, a spa gift certificate may not work well for a male employee.

Free vacations or even just free night stays in a local nice hotel can be a fun incentive for employees. And of course other types of incentives, besides cash and prizes are also good options. For example, an opportunity for an extra vacation day or an extra hour for lunch can be great incentives that can help create a positive work environment. The chance for an employee to be the head of a committee, or to be in charge of the next project are also considered great incentives.

How to use incentives correctly

Of course giving away incentives is not a flawless way for a business owner or manager to create a positive work environment. There are a few problems that a person needs to keep in mind if they plan to use incentives.

One problem could be that incentives create too much competition. While competition in the workplace can be a good thing, too much of it can be bad. Instead of creating a positive work environment it will likely just create a hostile one. If everyone is constantly working against their coworkers to win prizes and be better than their coworkers, they will likely not work together. Businesses need competition to be successful, but they also need teamwork.

Another problem that can come about when using incentives is using them too liberally. If incentives are used too often they can become common place and employees will not be excited to earn them. It is important for business owners and managers to keep incentives a special thing. And changing up the type of incentives they give out is also a good way to keep incentives special.

A business owner or manager should not make it too hard, or too easy, for employees to get their incentives. If getting the incentives is too hard employees may not try to get them and that will defeat the entire purpose of using incentives. But if incentives are too easy for employees to get once again they will become common place and may not help to create a positive work environment.

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