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When you don't have uniquely innovative products or services

You may not have uniquely innovative products or services, but that does not mean you can't shine in your industry. Many business owners make the mistake of believing that unless they differentiate their product a ton from the competitors, they won't be able to stand out in their industry. While this is true to some degree, you have to differentiate in some way, it is important to understand that the way does not have to be in the product itself. Look at any product, and the majority of them, from all brands, are going to be similar. They will have similar features and designs. Thus, how does one stand out from the rest? Through execution. Here's what you should know:

Superb execution- This is a distinctive competitive quality. If you want to stand out in your market, and your product or service alone does not do it, then make sure you have superb execution. This means creating a plant that is going to both meet customer needs, and address future needs, while satisfying their desires.

Have a unique operating model- It is a shame that many businesses view their customers as obnoxious, demanding, etc. A unique operating model is the one with customer service at the heart, where customers are allowed to contribute ideas, and have an impact on the company. In this model, you are effectively telling your customers that you want their impact because your aim is to make them happy. They will then help you create the best product possible, rather than begrudge you any problems or flaws your existing product make have.

Deliver on your promises- Most importantly, if you do not have a uniquely innovative product (think Apple), then the singularly most important thing you can do is always deliver on your promises. If you preach about convenience, it better be convenient. If it is supposed to be a good price, it better be below the competition. If you promise that it is environmentally friendly, you better find manufacturers, distributors, and other third party associates that stick to the same values and promises. The idea is that if you can't be unique in product, be unique in the trustworthiness and authenticity of your company.

You do not have to have something that is completely new or innovative. You have to:
1. Meet customer needs.
2. Care about your customers and employees.
3. Have a purpose, preferably something that inspires loyalty.
4. Always seek to improve and meet customer expectations.
5. Develop a great relationship of trust with customers.

We can't all be the Apple's of the world, but we can offer superior quality in service, execution, delivery, etc. We can guarantee that the experience with our company will be pleasant, and the products or services a value.

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