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A look at improvement methods for manufacturing

oilrefinery34878670.jpg There are many ways that manufacturing can be improved.A look at improvement methods for manufacturing will allow you to explore the diverse ways there are to improve a businesses manufacturing.The improvements that can be accomplished may include lean management, total productive maintenance, six sigma, and reliable centered maintenance.

These improvements can greatly improve time management, profits, employee and customer satisfaction.Every improvement will not be applicable to all businesses and companies.Take a look at the improvement methods that are being used now and see what could be accomplished with in the different businesses and companies.

Lean management-
Lean management (LM) is the practice of making movements and procedures for manufacturing a product most productive.When companies want to improve their production they can use lean management and help the employees to realize that the use of certain tools can decrease time spent on a job or production line.These tools may vary to many degrees.Lean management wants to decrease the waste that is happening within the company production line.

This waste may be in time or product, but for the most part it's the time that is wasted.Lean management will help the employees to see that to continue to tighten a screw after it is sufficiently tight is only a waste of movement.A waste if movement is a waste of time.The time can be spent on the next portion of the job.Lean management is improving the procedures of manufacturing so that time and energy are not wasted.

Total Productive Maintenance-
Total productive maintenance (TPM) is where production lines look at what could happen and pretty much take steps to ensure there is no lag time in production when something does happen.There will be maintenance that needs to be done in any manufacturing method.When a company is practicing total productive maintenance, they are proactive in getting the maintenance done in a timely and efficient manner so that there is no or at least very minimal down time in production.

There is a connection between lean management and total productive maintenance.The two can be used together and can show great results when they are.With total productive maintenance the whole basis is that there will be no error, no work-related accident, and no loss. Total productive maintenance has also been known as total process management, and total productive manufacturing.

Six Sigma-
With the manufacturing improvement method of six sigma, a company will identify and then remove any defects and errors in manufacturing processes.Six sigma will create a special group of people within the area of expertise and use their expertise to improve the production of the product being manufactured. The group of experts involved with the six sigma improvement method will always have a quantified financial target which could be cost reduction or profit increase.

Six sigma can also be interweaved with lean management.There is an improvement manufacturing method called lean six sigma.The combination of the two manufacturing methods can improve speed and quality.Combining the two can greatly help any business to improve.

Reliable Centered Maintenance-
Reliable centered maintenance (RCM) focuses on identifying and improving the maintenance of equipment that is used with manufacturing products for any company.This manufacturing improvement allows employees to take the needed measures to ensure the proper maintenance of the machine.This will decrease the occurrence of broken down machinery that is slowing production. Sometimes the broken machinery will stop production altogether.

With reliable centered maintenance employees are expected to learn about the machine they are in charge of so that they can monitor, assess, predict and understand the working that the machine will accomplish.

When taking a look at the improvement methods of manufacturing, one will need to look at the different manufacturing improvement methods currently being used by businesses and companies.There are a number of ways to improve manufacturing.Some of the methods are; lean management, total productive maintenance, six sigma, and reliable centered maintenance. Try improving the manufacturing within any business by using one or more of these methods.

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