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Different lean manufacturing jobs

Lean manufacturing jobs are in a number of industries as they are designed to implement things like Six Sigma and Kaizen. Lean manufacturing employees will go around to different companies and train their employees about lean manufacturing and what they can do to become successful with it as well as how it will be able to improve their working conditions. Individuals employed in the lean manufacturing world specialize in developing systems for saving money, producing better products, cut operating costs, and reduce waste. Each company is different so the job of a lean manufacturing specialist is to take a good look at the company and how you can formulate a method that will allow you to do all of the things we have mentioned previously.

When you are employed in the lean manufacturing industry you should expect to travel a lot. You will work with a number of companies all over the world, requiring your schedule to be flexible to meet the demands of your clients. Depending upon the size of the company, you may end up working with them for 6 months or longer to properly implement lean manufacturing. After you have implemented it and the managers are in charge of running it, you will then need to schedule follow-up training sessions for the managers. This will allow you to continue helping the company to stay up to date with the latest information on lean manufacturing and to continue to find ways to make their business better.

Individuals that are in the lean manufacturing field find that it is a very rewarding career. The companies you help will be grateful for service you provide as you have been able to reduce waste, improve employee morale, and generate higher amounts of revenue.

If you like to travel, a lean manufacturing job may be the right career choice for you. Get your start in lean manufacturing with a consulting firm that already does this for a living. As you learn from their agents, you can eventually move up with the company or you can choose to start your own consulting firm. In order to get started with a career in lean manufacturing, you must have a BA degree or a MBA. Since you are dealing with industrial engineering and many other manufacturing areas, you must have a well-rounded background and a strong education to support your career choice.

A lot of companies like to hire lean manufacturing consultants to come in for smaller jobs versus a complete overhaul of their company. Some of these jobs usually refer to reorganization, inventory reduction, and behavior-based safety.

Some of the job responsibilities you will have in a career of lean manufacturing include the following:

  • Identify areas of weakness or need within the organization

  • Identify wastes (raw goods and time)

  • Introduce a new factory line process (cellular manufacturing, Kaizen)

  • Establish an organizational structure

  • Reduce employee accidents

  • Develop high quality products

  • Save the company money and generate higher profits

There are a number of different areas that will need improvement and it's not always going to be easy to introduce these changes. With the right type of training and experience in lean manufacturing, you will find it is much easier to move forward with it and establish a plan that will decrease waste and save money.

A job in lean manufacturing is rewarding but it is very demanding. It is a time consuming job and it's not over once you train and introduce the changes. You must provide ongoing monitoring of the company, its employees, and evaluate the efficiency of the company.

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