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How to maintain the machines in your manufacturing business

Since most manufacturing companies are heavily driven by the machinery that they use it is crucial to make sure that all machinery is well maintained. This should be a priority for manufacturing business owners. If you choose to ignore doing maintenance or feel you can't afford it you will find yourself paying more due to the extra wear and tear your machines will receive. Maintaining the machines that run your manufacturing company will save you both time and money.The good news is that there are several different tips that can help you do this. Here is what you need to know about how to maintain the machines in your manufacturing business-

- Have a schedule-Most manufacturing businesses have several different pieces of machinery. The best way to begin a maintenance plan is to make a schedule. This way you can make sure that all of the needed maintenance is happening at the right time. In addition, to having a maintenance schedule you should also make sure that you document all maintenance that takes place. This should include: keeping a written record for maintenance that occurs for each part of a machine, the entire machine, a tool that is used, or even a vehicle that is used within the company. All of this information should be kept in a file that is easily accessible. This way the maintenance manager can easily update all changes.
- Have the information that you need-Today, many machines that are used in the manufacturing process are highly technical. It is important that anyone who is doing maintenance understands what type of maintenance is needed for anything they are working on. The maintenance manager at your business should contact the manufacturers and designers of all products and tools at your business for any information about needed maintenance and any applicable information about warranties. It is important that any maintenance that is done does not violate the warranties on the equipment inside your business.
- Have a list of all parts-Many times maintenance is most often needed on the parts of tools, vehicles, and machinery rather then the entire item. It can be helpful to have a list of all parts and when they need to be replaced or maintained. Keep in mind that the sooner a part is replaced the less chance there will be for damage and the lower the cost will be. This can also be a valuable inventory of all equipment within the manufacturing business.
- Have the right technology on hand-In today's manufacturing world a lot of machinery is high tech. This means that you may need computerized tools, services from high tech companies, or even your own technology in order to complete the needed maintenance. If you fail to have the needed technology on hand it can mean the difference between shutting down the production line and losing money and quickly performing the needed maintenance in a way that does not affect the production process. Keep in mind that having the right technology and the right tools to perform maintenance with will save you money in the long run.
- Have the knowledge that you need-Part of good maintenance is training your employees to know when a machine or other piece of equipment needs some work. When you train your employees to be vigilant they can often catch problems before they become large and costly. The training that you provide will help your employees help you to maintain the machines in your manufacturing company. This training should be ongoing and should occur especially when any new piece of machinery is introduced to the production process.

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