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How to follow up with your manufacturing customers

Just like any other type of company manufacturers are looking for ways to increase the satisfaction of the customers and keep them coming back for more. Because manufacturing is such a customer driven business it is imperative that if you are a manufacturer that you determine the right ways to make your customers happy. Studies show that the majority of business that any company does comes from 80% of the customers they already have. One of the major ways to determine if you are keeping your customers happy is by following up with them. There are certain methods that will help you to see if your customers are happy and what you can do to improve their satisfaction. Here is what you need to know about how to follow up with your manufacturing customers-

- Ask the right questions-Everyone is pressed for time and no one wants to have their order screwed up. Because of this manufacturers often think that they are intruding on their customer's time by asking questions when the order is placed. However, if you are willing to take the time to ask the right questions you can make sure that the order is done correctly the first time around. This leads to less mistakes, lower costs, and higher satisfaction from your customers who know they are getting what they ordered when they placed their order.
- Put it in writing-When you are willing to put the entire order in writing it lessens the chance that mistakes will be and it will cost you both time and money. Even if your client does not insist on a written order putting everything in writing protects both you and your customer.In addition, following this process means that everyone can be on the same page (literally), when it comes to the specifics of the order. Best of all, if follow up is needed all parties have a written contract to refer to when discussing the order.
- Provide the highest degree of customer service-Everyone in your manufacturing company from the management to the newest employee needs to understand that customer service is part of their job. Even if someone does not have direct contact with customers if they are making customer service a priority they will do their job more effectively. Setting up a training program and instilling an attitude in the company culture that customer service is the priority will help you to not only sell better but keep your customers coming back to purchase from you again.
- Be willing to go the extra mile-When you have a company where the phrase, "its not my job" is non existent then you have a company that is focusing on customer service. It is important to train your employees that there are no parameters when it comes to providing customer service. When your customers know that you are willing to do anything for them they are far more likely to recommend you and provide you with valuable word of mouth advertising.
- Ask for feedback-It is important to realize that the entire selling process is not over when your customer receives their order. Successful manufacturers follow up to make sure that their customers are happy, that the order was complete, and ask for suggestions on how to make it better for their next order. When your customers see that their needs are of the upmost importance to you they are far more likely to return again and buy from you. In fact it has been proven that many customers will return to a company that to purchase again (even if the price wasn't the lowest), simply because of the service they received. Following up with your customers lets them know that you are interested in a long term relationship with them.

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