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How To Sustain 5 S

There are many different programs to aid in giving you more control over your manufacturing plant. One program that has been successfully implemented by several companies is the 5 S Method. The 5 S Method will allow you to make improvements to the company and to maintain these improvements with the right type of tools and leaders. 5 S is a great program to organize the company and to help you become more productive and efficient. The one thing you need to consider is how you will sustain it. Some companies like what the 5 S method can do and they implement it and follow it for a little while but then fall right back into their old habits. How can you avoid becoming one of these companies and instead focus your efforts on successful implementation of 5 S and then maintaining it? Here are some tips that will help you in sustaining 5 S so you can bring out the right results for the company.

Focus on Commitment
When you implement any program to a company, you have to watch out for the employees that are resistant to change. There will naturally be a lot of employees that feel this way, so you must be able to focus your efforts on showing them the positive aspects of 5 S and teaching them why it is so important to use it and to avoid falling back into old habits. You need to be an example to them in the way that you are committed to the 5 S method and to avoid allowing yourself to fall back into your old habits. Leadership by example is one of the best ways to grow a company and to have one that will inspire many others.

Choose the right Leaders
Using a program like the 5 S method will require you to do some research in finding people that can successfully train and implement the program. You must be able to look for ways in which you can select the right people to do the jobs that you have at hand. Managers need to be able to really inspire their staff members with the 5 S method and employees need to take to the teachings of their managers. If they are not seeing positive results and cannot see a future of direction with the 5 S method, it will be difficult for them to follow it.

Look for leaders that can bring about constructive criticism to employees rather than being negative towards them and the way that they may be struggling to adjust to the changes. If you get people that are motivators, it really does help in showing others why you all need to join in and focus on using 5 S in the workplace. Good leaders are those that always look for opportunities to help their employees learn and to continue growing in their careers.

Use a Control System
How are you measuring the results from your 5 S system? Are you looking to find ways in which the employees were successful? How can you measure the results of their hard work and to see that they are following the program? You must have some control tools in place that show the progress of your staff and you also need to use them in order to help you reward the employees that are taking the program seriously and want to stay committed to it. Inspire your employees with a little bit of friendly competition and use a reward system. This is a great way to watch them lift each other to a higher level to bring about success for the company.

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