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Six Sigma Laws You Must Obey

How does Six Sigma work in giving you better products and creating an efficient manufacturing plant? Six Sigma is one of the best programs to use in order to streamline your manufacturing plant and to find ways to enhance the performance of the entire company. Eliminating defects and having a defect ratio that is 3.4 per every million opportunities can be achieved when you do take the time to properly implement Six Sigma.

Using statistical analysis you will find errors and things that need to be eliminated from the various processes that you have implemented. Waste reduction is something that every manufacturing plant can use. With Six Sigma, you can achieve it. From the way in which your staff members do their jobs to the scrap that is left behind, using Six Sigma is an effective way in helping you to offer better quality to your customers. Reducing the time it takes for you to create the products is another key component of Six Sigma that can be achieved.

For Six Sigma to become a successful program, you must be able to obey the laws that pertain to it. There are 5 different laws of Six Sigma that you must follow to give you the desired results. Here are the laws that you need to understand to get the right results:
1. The law of the market. This law means that you need to be able to understand the importance of market quality. How does your product compare to that of others on the market and how can you ensure that it will be among the top products out there? The law of the market is the one that will set the quality standards that you need follow. This is a law that you want to not only achieve but to exceed in order to make your customers happier with the company.
2. The law of flexibility. This law will pertain to your flexibility time in the manufacturing line. How well does your staff respond to changes and can they make quick changes to meet customer expectations? It is vital that you have a staff that is willing to be flexible and that you have the correct manufacturing tools and other things to help you achieve customers desires.
3. The law of focus. With this law you will have a manufacturing process that is focused on bringing about success. You need to have employees that are driven and focused on providing better outputs for the company. It is important that you train your staff members to be able to understand how to detect and eliminate problems quickly. If problems are allowed to get worse, it will not be able to help the company to maintain it's focus on having a successful bottom line.
4. The law of velocity. This law is meant to refer to "work in progress". What this law will do is help you to set up quality control checks and other things to ensure that your company is focused on getting the right results and output. You need to have a time frame from the time it takes an order to come in to the time it takes for the order to be completed and delivered to the customer. Understanding the time frame can also help if you have adjustments that need to be made to compensate for a machine that breaks down or another issue that may arise.
5. The law of complexity. With this law you will focus on eliminating all of the non-value adding programs and things from the company. Poor quality or lazy employees are among the law of complexity and these are issues that need to be quickly addressed.

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