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How to improve quality and efficiency in your TQM manufacturing

The purpose of instigating a Total Quality Management (TQM) manufacturing system is to raise awareness and improve the quality of all the organizational processes that the organization is a part of.TQM is also aimed at increasing customer satisfaction while lowering the cost of production.

In order to understand how to improve quality and efficiency in your TQM manufacturing operation, you must look at all of the aspects of TQM individually.TQM manufacturing consists of planning, organizing, directing, control, and assurance.More specifically, total quality is usually looked at in terms of the quality of the return on the shareholder's investments, the quality of the products and service offered, and the quality of life that exists among the members of the organization.

Improve profits

The whole point of running a business is to make money; there is no arguing that point.But it is certainly easier said than done.In order to improve your bottom line you have to improve what you have on your assembly line and the wellbeing of those individuals in your organization.Quality assurance through the use of statistical methods is a good place to start when looking to cut back on costs and eliminate waste.Very rarely are improved profits found in an increased selling price.You must create a more desirable product while at the same time reducing employee turnover.In improving the quality of your manufacturing plant's work environment you will find a key factor to a financially rewarding business situation.

Improve the product

Rarely, if ever, will a product reach a point where there is no more room for improvement or innovation.The TQM process begins by sampling random selections of the product and testing for the characteristics that mater most to the consumer.Failures in the product should not only be isolated and removed, but should be used as a learning tool in the creation of better models.Rules of satisfactory product performance may need to be evaluated.Products may need to be more closely scrutinized for failure.Research and development may also work more closely with the product testing team to see where concepts are not matching possibilities for performance.Improving the product should also be a company wide mission.Involving all workers in the improvement of a product not only results in more ideas that can be utilized but it allows all members of the manufacturing plant floor to fell that they have a sense of ownership in the product.Many brilliant business people have made their mark in the manufacturing business by being able to improve their quality and efficiency in TQM manufacturing.There is a lot to be said for innovative thinking and you will need to develop your own strategies for bettering the product that you are responsible for.

Improve your work environment

The manufacturing sector of the economy has an unimpressive reputation when it comes to employee retention.Many entry level workers do not receive the training or feedback that they are looking for as they strive to work their way up either in the company or just in the business world.Often times manufacturing workers find that they arrive at a point where they have learned everything that there is to learn and they move on to a different company.Turnover has a huge effect on the quality of the manufacturing system for many reasons.There are costs associated with hiring and training new individuals.Inexperienced workers are more likely to make mistakes which slow down the whole operation.Financial incentives are not necessarily the only way to increase employee morale.Be creative in making your work environment exciting and worthwhile for your employees.

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