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How to revitalize your marketing by thinking outside of the box

Many times business owners will get stuck in the same rut when it comes to their marketing. If you are a business owner who is looking to revitalize your marketing plan it may be time to consider some ideas that are "out of the box". Keep in mind that these unusual ideas are not all that different but will serve as a way to attract the attention of your target market in a new and different way. Business owners who try these new marketing promotions often report that they feel more excited and energized about what they are doing. Here is what you need to know about how to revitalize your marketing by thinking outside of the box-

- Offer something for free-You may be surprised to learn that one of the most effective marketing strategies is to give something away for free. Many business owners consider this type of marketing as only a loss but studies show that when people think they are getting something for free they are more likely to make a purchase from you. Many times business owners will take obsolete or slow moving inventory and bundle it with fresh inventory for a "buy one get one free" promotion. The bottom line is that this can not only excite your customers it can help your inventory management and improve your bottom line.
- Become involved with a charity-Another unusual marketing strategy is to become involved with a charity that your customers will care about. This has been shown to be a highly successful marketing strategy that gets your customers interest. It can take some to find the right charity but once you do even volunteering for it can serve as a marketing strategy. You will then let your customers know that what they think is important is important to your business, as well. However, keep in mind that your efforts need to be genuine (not just based in marketing your business). If your customers sense that your efforts are not genuine this could do more damage to your business then helping it.
- Set up a display booth-Many time's customers are reluctant to buy a product that they can't touch, smell, or taste. Depending on what type of product(s) that you sell a display booth can get your customers up close and personal with your products and it can be very effective way to market. Keep in mind that when your customers actually have your product in their hand it will be a lot harder for them to leave it behind. You will want to make sure that you set up display booths in locations that are most likely to be frequented by your customers. These display booths can be anywhere from the mall to a trade show that your customers will be likely to attend.
- Design a referral program-Another highly cost effective way to market your business is through the use of a referral program. Keep in mind that your current customers can help you to attract new customers. However, it goes almost without saying that your current customers will need to be happy with you if you expect this type of marketing to work.Many businesses have begun offering rewards to their current customers who bring in new customers. Remember that the reward can be anything from a percentage off their next purchase to a free gift. However, you should stipulate that the new customers must make a minimum purchase and you should attach an expiration date to create a sense of urgency. The bottom line is that you want your customers to act now to help you market your business.

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