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Implementing green manufacturing beyond the basics

Green manufacturing has now moved into the forefront of the manufacturing industry.More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of implementing green manufacturing into their overall manufacturing strategy. However, while most companies are familiar with the reuse, renew, recycle aspect of green manufacturing many others do not realize that there are many different aspects of green manufacturing beyond the basics. Adding these additional factors into the overall manufacturing strategy of your business can help you to take "going green" a whole lot further. Here is what you need to know about implementing green manufacturing beyond the basics-

- Consider implementing green into what you are already doing-One of the easiest ways to take your green manufacturing initiatives a step further is to work on incorporating green manufacturing into what you are already doing. There are a number of ways to do this especially in your existing sourcing and procurement methods. However, you must be able to keep in mind that this will be a lot more then just considering price. You will need to consider how your procurement and sourcing falls in line with your green manufacturing goals. You will have to find out much more detailed information about the type of methods that your suppliers use.For example-You will need to know what chemicals if any are used in the materials that you are procuring. You should also keep in mind that any of the language that is used either verbal or written should indicate that materials are approved and preferred as to green practices and if possible any raw materials that you procure should be long lasting such as: recyclable or rechargeable.
- Communicate with your suppliers-In order to move further along with your green manufacturing you will need to have an open line of communication with your suppliers. You will need to set clear expectations especially during your sourcing. You must be vocal about your commitment to sustainability if you expect your suppliers to take your green manufacturing efforts seriously. You will also have to be very proactive about monitoring the compliance that your suppliers have when it comes to green manufacturing. You want to let your suppliers know exactly what they will be expected to provide and how that will be measured. This will help to make sure that the necessary processes are in place to make sure they are being complaint.
- Keep up with best practices-One of the most important ways to implement green manufacturing is to stay current with the best practices for your industry. You want to make it a priority to know what the best new materials, technologies, and processes are for the type of manufacturing that your business does. The reason for this is that by staying informed you can better incorporate green manufacturing into your overall manufacturing strategy in the most efficient way possible. You can do this by reading trade publications, participating in groups that are affiliated with your industry, and searching the internet to get the information that you need. This will help you to maintain a competitive advantage and not lose your market share.
- Let others know about your progress-Another more immediate way to implement green manufacturing is to take your efforts to the people who matter the most your customers and your employees. When your customers know of your green manufacturing efforts they are far more likely to support your business since this is a major concern for most consumers today. Finally, letting your employee know what you want to accomplish gets them on board and working with you to accomplish your green manufacturing goals.

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