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How to measure your customer service levels

It is important to measure your customer service levels to know how satisfied your customers are with your overall business, employees, and products. There are a few measurable points in your company that will help you to know how you are doing.

Number 1: How many complaints are you receiving on daily, weekly, or monthly bases? You will need to have a system in place to keep track of these complaints. If your business is done online you can have a complaint folder that you or your employees send your complaint emails to. This would probably be the easiest way to track it, however if your business is not done online you can have a similar system that you train each employee to follow. For example, you will want to make sure that whether a complaint is handled at the time of a complaint or not, that the complaint is noted and sent on to the appropriate employee to keep track of.

An example of a company, who did not do business online and kept their complaints in a similar way, would be the television show The Office. Though the complaints in this example were coming from within the company, the example works within or without your company walls. Each time someone had a complaint there was a designated human resources representative to go to. This representative would make note of the complaint and file it in a folder of similar complaints. In this example the largest folder was from complaints about Jim from Dwight (making everyone in the office call him by a different name, moving his desk, etc). In this example it is important to note the biggest folder because as you get complaints you will want to know if there are a number of complaints coming in about one particular aspect of your company. The idea would be to remedy the problem (such as toy companies have to do all the time for malfunctioning toys) rather than to store them in the warehouse as was done in, The Office.

Number 2: How long does it take for a customer to order your product and then receive it, or how easy is it for a customer to come into your store and find what they are looking for? If your turn around service (ordering a product and getting it out) is quick you will have a higher level of customer satisfaction which will greatly affect your overall customer service levels. Likewise a store needs to be clean and organized, and clearly labeled, so that your customers feel like they can come in and quickly find whatever it is they are looking for.

Number 3: How are your responses to materials, promotions, coupons, and such, accepted? Do you have a high response and you find it worth the effort to send out these promotions? Or do you maybe need to rethink the layout of your promotion and the type of promotion offered? Measuring how many responses you get to your marketing materials is a great way to know how to reach customers in the future.

Number 4: How do your customers respond to your employees? Do you get a lot of complaints about any one particular person? How your customers respond to your employees is extremely important for you to measure. To be a successful business you must not only provide a customer with a good product, but with good customer service as well. How your customers respond to your employees will have a great deal to do with whether they return in the future or not. People not only want a good product but they want to be treated with respect. They want their questions answered quickly and accurately, and they want a simple smile to help them feel important. It's important to know who your employees are that can and cannot do that so that further training can be implemented where needed.

Measuring customer's service levels in mandatory for the success of any business, whether online or not.

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