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Using Lean Six Sigma within your company

Every manufacturing company is looking for new ways to cut costs and to reduce wastes. When you have high amounts of overhead, it leads to a huge problem for your organization and you need to seek out ways in which you can reduce this issue. One way is by turning to a method known as Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma will focus on reducing wastes along with providing your customers with the best products in a timely manner. Your goal is to reach a higher level of consistency for your customers and to avoid sluggishness that can commonly arise within any organization. Having a higher level of production and one that focuses on having quality products is going to win over customers and will be able to strengthen your relationships with them.

There are some organizations that choose to implement one or the other and not both together. When you have both programs implemented together you will see that they indeed compliment one another and actually lead you to have a stronger relationship with the customers because of the consistent products you deliver to them. With Lean manufacturing you will focus on getting rid of sluggishness and things that tend to tie up the production process. With Six Sigma you will focus on removing all of the wastes and saving your company money. Both programs work well to compliment one another as they both combine to get rid of errors and to deliver a better product to the consumer.

Let's focus on how Lean Six Sigma works and what it will do to help your organization. With Lean Six Sigma you will have a company that focuses on speed and creating a smooth working environment. You want to get rid of all the flaws in the company and to create a strategy that gives you a quality product to work with. To get started you need to begin with a plan of action that you can follow. This will allow you to properly streamline your processes within the company and to come up with consistent results for the customers.

Testing your new system is also important as you are figuring out what needs to be done and what will be able to work. If you implement a new method and it ends up with longer delays, you know you need to move onto another program. Rejecting the program and sending it back to the drawing board with give you more control over the production line and to ensure that you are able to correct issues before they do get out of hand. Quality is the key and you do not want to send out anything that you cannot back 100% with your company name.

So what about using the belt system with Lean Six Sigma? This involves using a program to help the employees as you focus on business growth. With Lean Six Sigma you will have a belt system that gives each employee their own different belt and role within the company. You have yellow belts and they are your trained workforce to help run Six Sigma properly. Employees will need to go through a course in order to become certified in Six Sigma. You will also have some green belts. These employees are your experts in design work. Their goal is to improve the functionality of your designs to make the company run smoothly. Then of course you have the black belts. Your black belts are the managers and the highest level with Six Sigma. They will focus on getting the most out of the company and getting the highest amount of perfection from employees.

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