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How training within industry compares to other manufacturing methods

There are several programs used in manufacturing in order to improve the company and its products. One of the common programs talked about is called training within industry or TWI. This was created by the government as way to help manufacturing plants when they were losing countless employees to World War II. How does training within industry work? There are 5 things that a supervisor must understand in order to use training within industry correctly:

1. Knowledge of the work
2. Responsibility
3. Instruction of staff
4. Improving existing methods
5. Leadership skills

As part of training within industry there were 3 other programs that were created. They are known as job instruction, job methods, and job relations. The goal of these programs is to take managers and make them into better managers that are more productive and efficient at leading the company. Organizations that cut a lot of employees may end up using training within industry in order to help improve the organization and to help the existing employees work more efficiently.

Training within industry was so effective that other countries actually picked up on it and altered it to fit their organizations as well. Toyota is one of the companies that used it and created another manufacturing program from it known as Kaizen. Once other programs started to work like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, most companies dumped training within industry. Even though training within industry is not actually utilized by too many companies since World War II ended, it is still one of the programs that helped to set the path for lean manufacturing and many of the key principles of the program have been able to shape effective manufacturing plants.

Your company can learn a lot from training within industry as there are so many effective components to it. Truly training your employees correctly is part of training within industry and is now part of another manufacturing program known as Job Instruction Training or JIT. This is different from Just In Time manufacturing. With job instruction training you will focus greatly on training your employees in an appropriate manner. Far too many organizations do not spend the right amount of time actually training their employees and it leads to confusion along with other issues for the organization as well. The supervisor sets the tone for the rest of the company and if they are not training and leading their employees in the right direction, it will lead to frustration and a lot of confusion within the company.

As the program worked it really focused on waste reduction, just like you see with other manufacturing programs now. The goal was to stop the company from wasting raw goods, time, and other things. The result of waste production not only saves you money it will also help you to save on time and it does help to make the organization more effective and efficient.

Supervisors need to focus on leading people correctly. There are many companies out there that really do not have the skill necessary to lead their staff members, which can slow production. Without proper leadership, employees can lose their motivation to work and they are not able to keep up with the pace of the production that you need for the organization to become a success. Simple adjustments to leadership styles can make all the difference in fixing a company and improving employee morale.

When you think about effective ways to improve your manufacturing plant you have to consider what training within industry did to the industry. Besides leading the way for lean manufacturing there was also a significant improvement with using tools in the industry to improve companies. Tools are really great guidelines and methods that help employees to understand their roles and to help them perform more efficiently.

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