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Laws To Remember With Lean Six Sigma

Are you planning to implement Lean Six Sigma to your organization? What are some of the things that you need to remember when you implement Lean Six Sigma? It depends on your industry but most of it will come down to being able to understand the tools that you are using and focusing on a complete mindset change by your organization. Both tools that are implemented together will be able to provide you with a reduction of defects and a streamlined process, allowing you to have a stronger presence in your industry. Being able to offer higher quality products and services to your customers will assist in your market presence but also giving you an organization that people enjoy working for as your customers give you a higher rating. When it comes to Lean Six Sigma, there are some laws that you need to remember in order to have proper implementation of the programs and to ensure that your organization will be able to adopt it properly.

The Law of the Market
This is the first law of Lean Six Sigma. With this law you will end up focusing on truly understanding your customers needs and being able to understand how you can provide customers with the highest quality product possible. How much are you willing to invest into your products to improve them and to invest in customer service? You must be able to look at how much you can invest to see what you can easily focus on improving and then to see what your return ratio will be. Watch for market changes that can have a big impact on your ability to maintain this law correctly.

The Law of Flexibility
With this law you will focus on understanding how to make your organization flexible for your customers needs. You must be able to adjust your manufacturing line to demands from the customers and to make specific changes to products when it is necessary. With flexibility you need to focus less on having a repetitive process all the time and to have one that allows you to adopt changes when they come.

The Law of Focus
With this law you will focus your efforts on determining what is causing a delay in your manufacturing line. What most companies find is that there is one simple thing that is causing the majority of the delays. Creating a program that helps employees to stay focused on their jobs will prevent delays as will helping your machinery to focus on being streamlined so it doesn't have delays for changeovers and other things.

The Law of Velocity
This is the law where you need to understand what a work in progress is. You need to be able to focus on understanding the speed of your production line as well as what your employees are capable of producing in their given time frames of working. When you have too many projects to deal with, it can lead to some issues for your team as they may not be able to keep up with all of the projects at hand.

The Law of Complexity
With this law you will need to focus on being able to understand the processes that you have and what things are not considered value-adding processes to the company. The overall manufacturing system that you have in place needs to be considered as you will likely need to change it and to make sure that it's not a redundant thing as you need it to be adjusted for change. Complexity aids in helping to provide higher quality products to the customers and to maintain higher quality products as well.

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