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The Use Of Poka Yoke

There are several tools that you can use within your manufacturing plant to increase production and to provide you with higher quality products to deliver to your customers. What are some tools that you need to use? One of the tools that is popular is called Poka Yoke. What is Poka Yoke and how can it be integrated to your company? With Poka Yoke your company will focus on finding a way to reduce wastes but to focus mostly on mistake proofing. You want to create a company that uses the tools it has properly. From things such as time in changeovers to the way in which your employees do their job duties, you want to reduce or eliminate all of the wastes.

Poka Yoke was derived from the Japanese program of Six Sigma. It is a fancy name for mistake-proofing. You are basically employing each employee to take accountability for their jobs and to be able to look for issues and come up with solutions that need to be taken care of. Finding ways to identify and eliminate wastes from the company will increase your production and will be able to give your employees more confidence in their ability to do their jobs as they find ways to fix the problems. The great aspect to Poka Yoke is that you can use it for virtually every industry. It is not just as singular program to use as every company out there can benefit from mistake proofing. With Poka Yoke you will be able to gave a planning program to turn to the enables your company to find success.

Employees need to feel like they have power and that they matter. Trusting them with things like mistake proofing and being able to focus on finding ways to improve the company will enable them to become stronger in their job duties. Having an environment where your employees feel empowered is one of the best ways to show trust to your staff and to find ways to give your company success.

The right implementation of Poka Yoke will enable your company to eliminate mistakes entirely. Staff members have confidence and will be able to know what to do when there is a problem that arises. Improving quality and the reliability of your products will provide you with happier customers and hopefully people that become life-long customers and loyal to your organization. Most companies that implement Poka Yoke will use it as a tool that is part of the DMAIC method.

Some companies have a higher ratio of human mistakes than they do with machinery mistakes. Using Poka Yoke properly will help you to see which departments have issues that need to be addressed and will help you in figuring out what you need to do about the issues at hand. Eliminating both types of mistakes is the best way in which you can maintain higher productivity and to give you back control of your plant from the serious mistakes that are costly.

When should you enable Poka Yoke to your company? It is often used when you see that there is an error that can be made in the company processes. Whether you know about the error or not, mistake proofing is a key technique that is used to give you control over standard operating procedures where issues can arise. Processing errors and missing parts are strong indications that you need to rely on mistake proofing. Every company has different issues at hand that need to be addressed from operating errors to human errors. Give your company a chance to find success by using Poka Yoke!

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