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Six Sigma Can Help Your Service Business

As you may be aware, Six Sigma focuses a great deal of effort on helping to improve the quality of your organization. For the service industry, opting for high quality products and excellent customer service is one of the only things that can assist in keeping your organization in business. How can you properly implement Six Sigma into the service industry to see fantastic results from it? You need to understand what your targets are with Six Sigma and to focus on developing it correctly for your organization. Six Sigma is not only a change to your company but a complete mindset change on your employees parts as well.

Six Sigma is not just a manufacturing tool; it is a tool that can be implemented to any organization. The program involves setting goals for the company and creating ways to improve the organization. There are defects within your company that need to be measured and need to be corrected in order to give you a productive and profitable organization. The difference you will see as you implement Six Sigma with the service industry is that you will focus more on using corrective tools for human behaviors more than you will deal with product improvement and other things. This is because your employees are the direct contact with the customers, making them the most important asset your company has.

When you are considering which type of tool to use for your service industry you need to carefully look at your options as to which programs will work effectively for your company. Behavior-based safety programs make up one of the best options when it comes to a service industry business. The entire goal of behavior-based safety is to aid in giving your employees the right type of tools to use in order to perform their job duties effectively but also to be able to work well with the customers. You need to focus your efforts on proper training of your employees in order to help them to understand how to interact with all different types of people. The other thing that you want to work on with behavior-based safety is that you are working not only to understand personalities but also that you are focusing on understanding how employees do their job duties. Over time people will develop into their job duties and roles and will make them their own. When they do this, they often do things that are not what you trained them to do or they will end up adjusting the way in which they work. This can lead to mistakes with the customers and other things that you really need to be concerned about.

Some of the things that Six Sigma will really focus on comes down to more than customer service as you will also see benefits in the way that you can expand your business. Learning about other companies in your industry will allow you to have a competitive advantage and to understand how you can create a stronger customer service team to sway customers away from your competition.

For you to properly implement Six Sigma into your customer service industry you have to take a look at which type of process you want to use. Some companies opt for the DMAIC approach which allows you to define and improve quality within your organization. Other companies will focus more on identification of defects and finding a way in which you can eliminate them from the company. Defects can be in the training process that you have as many of your employees could be making the same mistakes over and over again.

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