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The 5S Training Approach

What methods are you using to improve your organization? Many manufacturing plants have used the 5 S method as a way to streamline their processes and to eliminate wastes. The 5 S method is a universal system that is not only found in the manufacturing world but in many other sectors as well. Are you debating if you should use 5 S, it is important that you understand what it entails and the training approach that you need to follow with 5 S.

Anytime you are introducing anything new to your staff, you need to recognize what will make it work. Management is the reason why it will work as your approach and training program will make the big difference in your employees ability to accept it. Management needs to recognize that mindset changes are not easy for people to deal with and it does take time for them to grasp the new concepts that you are implementing. Like anything new, the best way to learn 5 S is by doing it. Repetition in the program allows people to see how it works and what their role is within the program.

The 5 S method is something that takes time and diligence. Some people will see results almost immediately but for the majority of companies, it will take upwards of a year to see the big results. This is where the approach management takes to the implementation and follow-up of the program will come into play. You have to show your employees that you believe in the program and that you know it will work as long as they remain patient. Convincing people of this can be hard at times but the more you stick to your guns, the easier it will be for your employees to stick with the program as well.

Always hire or select a person that has experience with 5 S to be in charge of it. You need to find the person that is well-respected by your staff in order to lead them. People will believe in the program because of the person that is in charge of it and the person that is training them in the 5 S method.

Have a clear training program for your employees to follow and set clear expectations for 5 S. Doing this will make it easier for people to understand the program and it also helps in giving the company a clear direction to follow. Set performance measures to follow as this will be able to help your staff members to see where there are issues and what improvements need to be made to achieve the higher results.

As you likely know changing the mindset of your employees is not easy. You need to take a look at the way in which you are introducing the 5 S method. If you are not "pitching" the program to your employees in the right way it can make them resistant to it. You have to do your research and have everything correctly organized before the meeting so you know what you are talking about. Follow up your initial presentation with an overview of the steps and reminders of the new changes and when you are planning to launch the 5 S training. Giving your employees some time to adjust to the changes will make it easier for them to accept them.

Break up the training so that your employees are not being given too much information at once. When too much information is thrown on a person, they often struggle in being able to understand their role or to remember everything that was told to them.

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