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Things you can do to keep your manufacturing customers satisfied and coming back

No matter what kind of business that you are running keeping your customers buying from you is most likely your top priority. This is no different if you are the owner of a manufacturing company. In today’s tight economic times everyone is looking for ways to not just increase their market share but hold onto the customers they already have. The good news is that there are very specific things that you can do to keep the customers of your manufacturing company happy with what you can offer them. By following these simple guidelines you will be establishing a relationship with them that will inspire their loyalty and trust. Here are some things you can do to keep your manufacturing customers satisfied and coming back-

• Offer the best in customer service-Everyone wants to feel that they are important in the places that they do business. The customers that order from your manufacturing business are no different. By offering them the very best in customer service you are showing them how much you appreciate their business. Best of all studies show that many customers will return again to buy from a company not because they offered the lowest price but rather because of the service they were offered. You need to make sure that everyone in your company is trained to make customer service their priority. Even if an employee does not directly deal with customers they should be trained to understand that what they do has a direct effect on the customers and therefore they need to do it as best as they can. When you have developed a complete company culture of customer service your customers will notice and reward you with their long term loyalty. This type of customer service has an additional benefit of being a good way to get “word of mouth” advertising since your happy customers are more likely to tell their family and friends about you.
• Find out what your customers want-Many people make the mistake of assuming that this is the same as customer service but it isn’t. Getting customer feedback allows you to focus far more then just your service to meet your customer’s needs. When you are able to get customer feedback you can design your products to better meet their needs. You can have the solution for their wants and needs almost before they know that they need it. You can get customer feedback in a number of different ways. You can solicit phone interview, send out email surveys, or even have a feed back questionnaire available in your office. Social media networking sites have also been shown to be highly effective in getting customer feedback. However, you choose to get the feedback is not as important as actually getting it and acting on it.
• Offer incentives and discounts to purchase from you-Everyone is looking for the best deal that they can possibly get. Your manufacturing customers are no different. You can retain your customers if you can make worth their while to buy from you. You can offer incentives and discounts in a number of ways. For customers who have not made an initial purchase you can send out email, text, or some other social media offer. For your customers who are have made a purchase from you, offering a discount on a follow up order is often effective. However, it should be noted that whatever method you choose should have some sense of urgency inherent in it so your customers will be moved to act on it. In addition, you can offer your existing customers a discount for prompt payment. This encourages them to make timely payments in order to get the best price possible.

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