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Becoming Effective With 5S

Are you ready to take your manufacturing plan to the next level? What about organizing and improving your workplace? If these are some of the goals that you have, it is important that you take the time to research the 5S method. This is a great way to help you understand areas that need some serious attention and will be able to help your organize your company in a way that allows you to have higher productivity but can also give you happier employees. What is the 5S method and how can you implement it correctly? The 5S method was created in Japan, roughly translated it means the following:

- Sort - this is where each employee will take a look at their workplace and will remove all the items that they do not need in order to effectively do their jobs.
- Set in Order - with this "s" your staff will take the tools and items that they need and will organize them in a correct way, making it easy for them to find them when they need them to do their job. This reduces a lot of wasted time as your staff will not need to run around and search for the items that they need to do their job.
- Shine - with this "s" your staff will focus on keeping their workplace clean and organized. A clean workplace makes it much easier for them to find the supplies and things they need to do their jobs correctly.
- Standardize - here you will create a method of how you will maintain the first 3 aspects of the 5 S method. How will you be able to get your employees to follow this new procedure all the time? What can you do in order to make sure the company is clean and organized and that you aren't falling back into your old habits?
- Sustain - with this final S you will have training procedures and other things that can help your staff to learn how to maintain the clean and to see the benefits of the 5S method. When they are able to see the benefits it will make it a lot easier on your organization to sustain this new method that does improve productivity and employee morale.

It is important that you work on getting your companies defect ratio under control. When you use a method like the 5S method you will have an easy time preventing defects as you have time to maintain your equipment and to go over all the various processes that you do have in place. This way your staff won't be at high risk for things like injuries and they won't waste a lot of time trying to find the products and supplies that they need to do their jobs nor will they have to wait on others to do their job. A standardized program really will help you to make a difference with the bottom line of your company and gives you higher quality products.

Hold a meeting to talk to your employees about the 5S method. They need it presented to them in a way that makes sense but also in a way that allows them to make a difference in their jobs. You must clearly define what they need to do with the 5S method so they will be able to move forward with it correctly and can find the benefits of having an organized workplace.

The 5S method is something that you do want to focus on maintaining all the time or you will lose all the benefits that have come along with it. Management plays a large role in helping to make the 5S method a standardized program for your organization.

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