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5 great SEM tools

The following are five great tools for SEM. They will help you evaluate and analyze every aspect of your site, or your client's site, or even your competitors, to see where you need to improve, where you excel, and more.

  1. Web Developer Toolbar- This is a firefox plug-in that allows you to dissect a page, and see all of its SEO elements. It allows you to check the ALT-Tags on images, validate the page's HTML and CSS, and check page semantics. This tool is awesome, and allows you to see all of these SEO core elements in just a few clicks. This means saved time, and quick evaluation of a web-page for yourself or a client.
  2. TechSmith's SnagIt- This is a tool to help you capture images in a handy way, and lets you do a lot with them. If you want a free tool that is similar look into Jing or FastStone. This is a tool that gives you several options for screen capture, with a great option that keeps the links in webpages still embedded. Additionally, you can enhance the images, record mouse movement on the screen, etc. It is a less expensive alternative to Camtasia. It may take some time to learn this tool, but it can come in really handy when you want to use infographics, etc. It is worth the time invested to learn it as it will really make presentations, etc. easy.
  3. Aaron Wall's SEO 4 Firefox and Rank Checker- This is another firefox plug in that allows you to scope out your competitor's sites. This tool gives you link and domain information, highlights no-follows, and basically gives you an SEO check. It allows you to check your SERP positions, and those of others. Again, saving you time, and giving you a thorough evaluation of where you stand.
  4. Link Diagnosis- This tool gives you a great overview of what your site is missing or has when it comes to the core elements. It allows you to tally backlinks, and see where you need to improve. For a link diagnostic tool, this firefox plug in is worth your time.
  5. W.A.S.P: Web Analytics Solution Profiler- This is a plug-in that helps you determine if a site is using analytics, and what type. It means not having to search source code, so it saves time, and gives you functionality. You can upgrade to a paid version for even more options and functionality.

Knowing the tools to help you in your SEM campaign is going to go a long way to help you with SEO, whether for yourself or for a client. Finding tools that are low cost, or free, but are still worthwhile is even better. The above tools fit the bill, and are worth the money you may have to pay to use them.

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