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ComScore Competitive Analysis Tool

An excellent competitive analysis tool is ComScore. If you are going to create a worthwhile marketing plan, doing a competitive analysis is par for the course. It can be helpful and save time to use a competitive analysis tool, such as ComScore. ComScore is one of the best sources of digital market intelligence for our ever-increasing digital world. Here's what you should know:

Benefits of using ComScore-

  • ComScore has the ability to dig deep and get website data. They also get data from their Panel. They can help you see the hardware and software configurations for thousands of devices, as well as research new audiences online.
  • ComScore will evaluate the website and provide metrics for you to see such as things like conversion rates, etc. and interpret the traffic the site is getting. Their computations are well done, and give you excellent approximations for the analysis. In other words, they tell you what is working, and how well it is working with easy to understand measurements.
  • ComScore has the ability to breakdown deeply embedded pages, and thus more effective track and measure them. This is extremely useful as many companies have pages embedded deep in a directory, making it difficult to be tracked effectively from without the company.
  • ComScore can help you collect data associated with the surfing habits. This will help you to better understand, and thus appeal to, your target consumers. As you better understand the key search trends and online habits, you can tailor your approach to meet their needs.
  • ComScore offers protection of customer data, and privacy policies that are specific about what they will do with collected data. You have no need to worry.

Of course there are many other benefits, but it really depends on what products and services you choose to use. The measurements provided by ComScore offer objective, accurate and reliable information about the online habits and behaviors of your market, and provide details about the demographics, attitudes, online and offline activities and lifestyles of these consumers. They also help you better analyze your site and those of your competitors. A tool like this is extremely useful for both understanding your competition as well as understanding your consumer better; both of which are necessary for a successful marketing plan.

ComScore can help with your online marketing, as they provide marketing strategies, they can help you create mobile media, track technology, measure video and distributed media, and provide a wide range of web analytics so that you can better understand the impact of your current marketing strategy. These tools help you optimize your marketing plan, including your search marketing efforts, and help you to better comprehend the motivations and deterrents of your consumers, which is invaluable to a business.Competitive analysis is key, and choosing a comprehensive worthwhile tool will make it far easier.

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