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Advanced SEO

Many people purport to be experts in the field of SEO, but it is not always the case. When hiring someone to manage your online marketing campaign, it is important to get the facts, and know whether or not they are really as good at what they say they do as they really are. Besides seeing proof of sites that they have helped get good rankings, it is good to know a little of the SEO language yourself. Here are some of the advanced SEO concepts you should be aware of and ask about when looking for an SEO expert.

There are a lot of ways to get links, and knowing that links are important is not expert SEO. If you want expert, don't settle for someone who has figured out some creative way to get links, like posting scantily clad people, or using improper language to get noticed. You also do not want someone who is going to try and stick 50 links in the footer of your site.

Instead, you want someone who knows how links pass authority, and why, what happens when you add a link to a page, and how PageRank is calculated, using math. You want someone who knows why some links are better than others, and how to turn a great articles into a link generator. You want someone who is going to help you have a site worth linking to, and thus getting you the smart links.

Here is what you should ask:
First, ask if they know how to design a site's architecture in such a way that authority is funneled to the pages that need it. If they understand how this works, rather than that it just does, then they are probably advanced SEO.

Second, make sure they understand the technical sides of SEO. If they do not know what a reverse proxy is, or how to use specific IP addresses to deliver different content to user agents, then they are not advanced, and should not charge advanced SEO prices. SEO is based on math, algorithms, etc. and understanding them when you read Google reports is a big part of being an expert at SEO.

Third, ask if they know how to build a link farm, and keep it working. Links are such a vital part of SEO, and learning how to build a link farm is not easy.

Can they cloak content? For how long? Do they know how to use the META HTTP-EQUIV tag? Do they know which HTML tags matter to SEO and why? Can they make a page load faster with smart HTML? Do they know how to look good and be SEO friendly, while also being fast? Do they know how to optimize for mobile crawlers? Do they know how to evaluate crawl budget? Basically the world of SEO is complicated and you are going to have all levels of competency within it.Look for someone who is what they claim to be.

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