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Build anticipation when marketing

clock63312045.jpgOne of the best things that you can do for your marketing strategy is build up some anticipation about your product, site, and more. The more excited people get over your new products and site pages, the more effective they will be. Take your cues from companies like Apple. They gear customers up for new products months before they actually release them, giving people the chance to get excited about the product, and gain the "must have" mentality that often comes with anticipation. Think of your product like Christmas morning. Half of the magic of it is the waiting to get it.

If you get people excited about your product, site, etc. in advance, it will translate into two things:

  • More traffic. If people are excited about your site or product before it comes out, they will probably visit it. They will also talk about it, and get other people to visit it. This will boost your traffic, and if your site delivers, that traffic will turn into conversions, which means.
  • More sales. Anticipation leads to more sales because people think it is a product or service they have to have. They feel like they have been waiting for it forever, even if it just came out. This means more money for you!

So, don't just launch a new site, build up to it. Let people know it is coming, offer hints, screen shots, and teasers about what is to come, and why they should be excited about it. Use the anticipation, and the dropped hints, to make sure that when you do launch your site, you get the kind of traffic and attention your deserve.

There are two rules to using anticipation as a quality marketing strategy. You should build up the anticipation, but the caveat is to be sure to deliver.

1. Be on time. If you are going to talk up a website launch, or send our press releases about a new product, or site, then be sure that you give your customers what you promise. If you launch it later than promised, the anticipation will turn into frustration and you won't get the benefits of building it up. So, always deliver your site, product, etc. on time.

2. Provide quality. If you are going to talk something up, let people know it is coming, and get them excited about something, you better make sure that they something you get them excited for is worth the fuss. Always provide value and quality to your customers. Otherwise, this marketing tool will be ineffective in the future, as one disappointment is sure to last.

You can get your product and service out to more people if you create a buzz around it. Get people interested in it before it comes out, and take advantage of word of mouth, discussions, and anticipation to generate more traffic and sales.

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