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It is special, tell your friends

portfolio60516071.jpgOne of the great things about offering products to clients is that you can make them special, and do something different from your competitors. In doing so, you can gain word of mouth marketing, which is an extremely effective type. A simply illustration of this can be found in the example of the child's summer lemonade stand. What is going to get you to stop? What something "special" would attract your attention? How about hand squeezed? Or, sugar free? Or with a sprig of mint? The point is, you are not confined to one option, but you should do whatever it takes to make your product or offering unique, special, or just a little different from your competition. Your clients and customers will notice, and this will result in them coming back for more, and telling their friends.

Here are some ways to make your products and services "special":

1. Offer something in addition to the product. If you offer a product, it can be difficult to make it any more special than it already is, especially if it is a technology or something, but one way to make it special is to include something with it. For example, if you sell televisions, include a DVD player, or a Bluray. Or, include free set up, as people often struggle to hook up all of their different systems and devices to their television. This would help make your televisions more appealing than a competitors.
2. Tweak the product. One great way to make your product or service special is to offer colors, or flavors no one else offers. If you sell computers, don't just sell silver and black, but make yours special by adding colors to attract people. You can make your product special without changing it much. You wouldn't want to change hardware on a computer, for example, but changing case color gives you an edge without changing anything that really matters.
3. Offer some special way for people to get the product. Sometimes it is not the product that matters as much as the delivery. Free shipping, groceries delivered to your door, in-store pick up from online ordering, or any number of other delivery or pick up methods can take an ordinary product, and make it special. A mom with young children, for example, would likely jump at the chance to have her weekly groceries delivered to her home, rather than have to go to the store children in tow.

These are just a few examples of how to make your product special as a part of your marketing campaign. If your product is special, people will be far more willing to be part of it, and more likely to talk about it. It is not just lemonade, it is fresh lemonade with a sprig of mint. Thus, it is worth talking about.

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